Elixir for Youth for ALL

2012 January 9, Monday

The Body Shop has launched a new darling in skin care.  An effective “pre-serum” combining science, nature and technology.  Why “pre-serum”?  Cuz you use it before your regular serum and moisturiser to let it work wonders for your skin. 😉

Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth uses the power of plant stem cells harvested from criste-marine, an edible wild plant found along the rocky Britanny coastline.  This plant extract also reconstitutes the composition of skin lipids, renewing and protecting the skin.  It is able to thrive in the harshest of environment conditons and sustain itself by absorbing nutrients from the air around it.

And being an extract of beech bud, with rich concentration of minerals, trace elements, enzymes and vitamins, it is a botanical powerhouse!

As with the rest of the Nutriganics™ range, 99% of the ingredients in it are from natural origins.  Sans silicon and paraben.  And 25% of ingredients organic.

The texture is superb!  It looks thick and heavy when you drop it from the dropper onto your skin, but it spreads oh-so-easily and speedily absorbs into the skin and feels like you haven’t applied anything at all (except that you can feel a nice light tingling sensation…).  Especially good for people who don’t like the sticky or heavy feeling of skin care products.  The boyfriends will love it!

The price?  A steal at SGD58.90 for a 30ml.



The Body Shop on Smoke & Fire!

2010 November 3, Wednesday

The Body Shop will keep you on fire this fall with its collection featuring Kajal Eyeliner in 3 shades to those peepers of yours smoking hot. You can draw a stark line across or smudge it with your fingertips for that smouldering look.  Play up the eyes with 3 complementing eye shadows which are long-lasting and crease-resistant.

Limited edition Autumn Leaves Compact can be used to highlight cheeks and give and overall glow as well as subtly glowing up the shoulders and decolletage.


2010 August 19, Thursday

June this year, I received an email from The Body Shop inviting me to be part of a campaign to help deter what’s known as the world’s third largest criminal industry after illegal drugs and guns.  Sex trafficking.

It is something that does not happen only in poor or third world countries but virtually every country in the world.  An estimate of 1.2 million people below the age of 18 are not just kidnapped and sold for sexual exploitation and cheap labour but also abused, beaten and raped.  And total profits from this inhumane act totals US$27 billion yearly.  Can you imagine anyone you know and care about suffering that???

Of course I didn’t need to even think to agree to it.  I mean, I know I’m just gonna be a very small part of it all.  But hey, unity is strength.  No?

So please have a heart and go to this link and sign the petition to help put an end to all these evil deeds!


Here’s the Singaporean version of the video which myself and other personalities came together to convey the message to all.

The 11 other personalities are Adrian Pang, Paul Foster, Lim Kay Tong, Jack and Rai, Anita Kapoor, Pam Oei, Gayle Nerva, Anna Belle Francis, Dr Loretta Chen and Joe Augustin.

PLEASE PLEASE do your bit and help the innocent souls from being taken away from the loved ones and tortured.

This is a joint movement between ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children) and The Body Shop.

The Body Shop Christmas Look 2009

2009 November 4, Wednesday

SENSE-SATION” is the name of this Xmas collection from The Body Shop.

This collection features the Eye & Cheek Palette in two combinations.  One in warm tones like browns and peaches and the other in cool tones like lilacs and greys. Also for the eyes is the Define & Sparkle Eyeliner & Mascara in black or white.  It’s a double ended tube with glitters added into the eyeliner and mascara on each end.  You can add glitter to eyes, lashes and even brows to spice up your look.  But I’d advise to do only two of the suggested, not all three.  😉

Lips shine with Shimmer Gloss in a crystal or pink shine.

For a subtle all over shimmer, there is the Iced Body Powder.  Or if you want more drama, opt for the Sparkle Roller Ball. Be a star!  🙂


I’m in cold, cold Beijing now for work and will be returning to Singapore on Friday night cuz I’m gonna have a long day this Saturday.

Besides doing a friend’s makeup for her wedding, I’ll be doing makeup demos featuring the Christmas collections of The Body Shop and Chanel.  Thank goodness they’re both within Raffles City.  After which I’ll cross over to Raffles Hotel for my friend’s wedding dinner.  Won’t have to worry about traffic situations.  Lucky me.  🙂

In the following posts, I’ll let you guys preview the two very different collections.

On another note, I’d like to mention that I was in Shenzhen for the past 3 days and was at a HUGE, 5 floor spa which was a big eye opener for me.  Queen Spa & Dining. It is so huge it’s bigger than Tangs Department Store in Orchard Road.  A wide range of services from various spa pools, to your regular foot and body treatments, manicure & pedicure, F&B and business facilities, and even mahjong and pool games.  Apparently many people come here from Hong Kong and shop till evening then check into the spa and spend the night there relaxing and taking naps and don’t even need to book a hotel room.  (there is baggage storage facility if needed)  I had a very very good Chinese Physician therapy.  The physician was so good he knew just where I needed more work on without me having to tell him.  Also had my foot skin scraped followed by a foot massage.  The therapist used what looked like a metal ruler and gently scraped away the hard skin around my feet leaving them looking nice, smooth and clean!  Check it out yourselves.  http://www.queenspa.cn