I was very happy to see pictures of 3 of my favourite Asian models walking the latest Givenchy show just yesterday.

After a long hiatus from the runways of Paris, one of the pioneers of Asian models with high profile international status, Ling Tan, was seen again looking fabulous and not at all like she has been modelling for more than a decade.

Another person I missed seeing on the runways is Ai Tominaga.  She has been missing from the international runways for some time, probably too busy with her celebrity-dom in Japan.  And here with her new spunky look, I’m sure people gasped in awe when she stepped out.

And of course I was happy to see current IT Asian girl Liu Wen close the show.

All of these 3 girls I had the opportunity to work with and they were super pro and are two different persons in front of the camera/on the runway and off.  And they were really sweet and nice to work with.  🙂

Up and coming Asian IT girl Qin Shupei was also in the show with a few other new Asian faces.

It’s funny cuz I was just chatting with Liu Wen recently that we haven’t seen any Asian faces on the Givenchy runways for some time and BOOM!

And Ling was the first Asian to walk Victoria’s Secret‘s runway back in the early 90s.  It’s just that VS wasn’t so high profile then so no one noticed it.  And recently Liu became the first Asian after a lonnnnnng time too.  So they have something in common there 😉


Givenchy Xmas 2009

2009 December 13, Sunday

Givenchy‘s Xmas collection is pretty luxe looking.  In a satin pouch is a “jewellery box” containing four shades of eye shadows is Le Prisme Perles.  In pearlized shades of light pink, light gold, light grey and charcoal.  Complementing eye makeup products like liquid eyeliners, mascara and illuminator help bring out the best of your eyes.  While the lip and nail products complete the look.

And to enhance your complexion, there is the Prismissime Visage to give you the glow that you’d want.