the annual EARTH HOUR

2010 March 1, Monday

In 2007, the first Earth Hour took place in Sydney, Australia with 2.2 million homes and businesses turning off their lights for one hour to make their stand against climate change.  And in the following year, Earth Hour went worldwide and 35 countries participated in it.  By 2009, over 4,000 cities joined in.

While I think this is a very good move to create awareness, I do hope for all of us to realise and do our bits and try in every little way to reduce global warming.  Every little move counts.  eg. Even adjusting the air-conditioner up by just 1 degree.  Surely we don’t need our rooms and offices to be freezing cold right?  It will be good enough as long as it’s comfortable isn’t it?

I know some of you may say,”Why do you bother when you won’t even see the difference in your lifetime?”.  But I guess, at least we doing our bit so that the process will be slowed down and future generations won’t suffer as bad.  I’m not trying to be noble or whatever here.  But I don’t see why we can’t do something that doesn’t take much effort at all.

So please do not leave lights or whatever on when you don’t need them.  It DOES make a difference.  A difference that cannot be measured.

This year’s Earth Hour will take place 27 March 2010 at 2030hrs local time in your very own city.

It was from a retweet on twitter that I came across this web page and found it so beautiful.  Please have a look and enjoy the beautiful pictures (click on each of them to see the difference) and please spread the word.  PEACE!  🙂


green products for our home

2009 October 25, Sunday

I was at Fairprice and found these green products for the home.  Bought them without hesitation of course.

Many of us may not be aware that all the detergents we use will flow into the drain and eventually the sea, and will cause harm to marine life and the environment.  These products are biodegradable and will not pollute the earth.  🙂

green home products

Thais going green

2009 October 4, Sunday

I was in Bangkok recently and noticed that the Thais have started the green movement.  Or at least, it has become more apparent of late.  I noticed that more people are using their own shopping bags and check-out staff will put on a big smile when they saw that I brought my own bag.

However, at the Oriental Hotel I stayed in, there were no signs asking guests if they wanted their bed linen and towels replaced or not.  So I decided to write my own note.  I even asked the butler if the chambermaids would be able to read in English.  They could was the answer.

So anyway, I saw a chambermaid along the corridor as I was going out and asked her not to replace my sheets and towels and her eyes lit up and said “environmental!” with a big grin.  And gave me the thumbs up.  I was delighted at her response of course.

The Oriental Hotel in Bangkok has remarkable service no doubt.  And even the chambermaids spoke good English.  But I just wished that they’d be a little more green.  🙂

tissue paper

2009 September 16, Wednesday

It’s been a long time since I last posted a green note.  And this one will talk about how people use tissue paper.

I know tissue paper is cheap and easily available.  But that’s besides the point.  I see people wasting it like nobody’s business.  Some will take a few pieces just to wipe off food stains off their mouths and chuck it away.  Is your mouth really that big?  Wouldn’t just one be more than enough?  My best friend and I will  separate two-ply tissues and use one each for our mouths after meals.  😉

Also I found out from conversation some of my friends would use up so much toilet paper when they “pee and poo”.  They’ll roll up a pile for each wipe and repeat.  Yeah, I know poo is disgusting and most of us, if not all, wouldn’t wanna have direct contact with it.  But hey, it’s actually from the food we ate that comes out of our own bodies.  And then when they have sex and stick their fingers and tongues here and there, it suddenly becomes all fine!   WTH???  What do you think?  Come on!  Surely you don’t need that much paper…  Think of the work and energy needed to produce them.

That’s why for work, I’ve been using these half sized tissue papers by Kimberly-Clarke and it works out so much better for both the wallet and the environment.  🙂

Kimberly-Clarke Pop-Up Tissue

Kimberly-Clarke Pop-Up Tissue

Come 6th August 2009, at 3:54PM, I will join 9 celebrities, at the grand opening of Kiehl’s newest store in ION Orchard B3-54 (notice the match of the unit number and the event time? hee).  We are going to be there for a very important reason besides celebrating the store’s opening.  We are there to promote “green-ness” and to spread awareness!  As a green person, I was very happy and honoured to be involved in it and really want to thank Michelle Chew and the people at Kiehl’s for having me in mind.  🙂

The 9 of them are, in alphabetical order to their last names, Nadya Hutagalung, Denise Keller, Hossan Leong, JJ Lin, Eunice Olsen, Mindee Ong, Utt, Wong Li Lin and Allan Wu.

Last year, funds were raised through the sales of environment friendly shopping bags (which I’ve been using regularly).  This year, it will be eye-catching tees that would help raise funds.  Each of us will have our own tee with our slogons printed on it.  And 100% of the nett proceeds from the sales of the tees will go to Singapore Environment Council.

I hope the turn out will be great and we will be able to raise a lot of funds for the causes and concerns looked after by the council.  If you can’t make it on the day itself, you can always pop by anytime to help raise funds.  PLEASE PLEASE SUPPORT……   🙂

un-green fashion houses

2009 July 12, Sunday

I was in Taipei recently and stayed at the very nice Éclat Hotel on Dunhua South Road.  And right next to it is a boutique of a very famous fashion house.  I noticed the store lights were on through the night.  Not just in the windows but the whole store.  (well, as much as I could see. up to the stairs leading upstairs)   THAT IS SO NOT GREEN!  My friend and I were disgusted.

Well, this is just one of the many stores that are doing this.  I know these fashion houses are super rich and the electricity bills are nothing to them.  But it’s not the money!  It’s contributing to global warming!!!

I wish for them to realize they can help change by simply not leaving all those hot, hot helium lights on during off-hours.  Perhaps just the ones in the shop front windows be on.  They are leaders in the fashion retail and have a great following.  If they help spread the word many people will also follow.

green-ing away

2009 June 23, Tuesday

I am still smiling in my heart for this lady made my day!  😀

I was in line to pay for my purchase at Watsons earlier and I heard the lady in front of me asked if it was ok if she didn’t have the bag cuz the cashier had already put her purchases in it.  In my heart I was saying, “of course it’s perfectly ok!”  I saw that she had a few items like facial cotton and a few folders.  So I was very happy to witness a fellow “green” person in action.  After I have paid for my dental floss, the cashier had wanted to put it in a small bag which I quickly told her I didn’t need a bag.  The lady  who was before me turned to me and gave me a big grin.  I guess she must’ve felt the way I did towards her.  I gave her the thumbs up action in response to her smile.  BIG SMILE!!!  We need more people like her.

There are several ways to save water. Here are some suggestions from me. If you have more, please share with me.

At home, use a mug when brushing teeth instead of just letting water run from a tap while gargling. Also turn off the shower when you are shampooing or soaping yourself. Do our laundry only when there’s a full load. And use the water that is drained out to flush the toilet or wash the floor of the porch if you live in landed property. Water collected from dehumidifiers can be used too.

In hotels, I always request for my bed linen and towels not to be changed at all if I’m only staying for a few days. I sometimes have to write a note and leave on the bed cuz many times, the chambermaid would still change them even when you follow the instructions from those “go green” reminders. You don’t change them daily at home, so why would you need to in a hotel???

green note #4 – flushing system

2009 May 28, Thursday

I remember being very impressed when I first saw a toilet flushing system on my first visit to Tokyo in 1997.  It had an outlet above the water tank that will have water flowing out when the toilet is flushed.  You can wash your hands with the water which will flow into the tank to be used for flushing later.  Cool huh?  Up till now, I still haven’t seen this system being used here or in other countries.  I wonder why…

Another way to save water is to put two filled 500-600ml bottles into the flushing cistern so that less water will be used for each flush.  And I normally use the half flush option even for “big business”.  😉


the smart flushing system in Japan

the smart flushing system in Japan

green note #3 – bottled water

2009 May 27, Wednesday

One of the many things that’s always disturbed me is that at events or productions, there’ll always be half drunk bottles of mineral water lying around waiting to be thrown away.  This is because some people would drink halfway and leave their bottles around and later get mixed up and open new bottles again.  It may not be expensive, but why such a waste when there’s no need to?  We can simply mark our bottles to avoid that.  Water is really precious and we should try to preserve them as much as we can.  There are millions of people out there who would die for just a sip of clear fresh water.  Please think about it…