more Spring colours…

2012 March 6, Tuesday

Guerlain is coming up roses with les Roses et le Noir (The Pinks and the Blacks in English) with a collection of mostly pink shades for the eyes (like the 2 new palettes of Écrin 4 Couleurs) and lips and a brand new mascara to the G de Guerlain family.

Remember Rouge G de Guerlain?  The über luxe lipstick that has it’s own mirror open up when you slide out the lipstick.  An exceptional mascara with a similar mechanism has arrived!  It’s refillable too!  So you just need to get the refill when your mascara runs out.

There’s also a pretty pretty illuminating powder in the shape of a gardenia and 4 shades of Rouge G.  Both of which are limited editions.

And it’s more flowers in bloom over at Laneige.  A limited edition collection designed by celebrated illustrator Sanna Annuka.

Love in Bloom is a fun and happy collection from the packaging to the colours it presents.  A very versatile palette of 9 eye shades that will take you from day to evening, garden weddings to disco glam, a two-tone cheek palette that contours, adds glow and highlight, and 5 potted lip glosses that’ll make your lips pop!  I think it’s gonna be a tough choice to make between them 5!


the eyes have it!

2011 September 27, Tuesday

And Guerlain certainly knows it well!  Because this fall, Guerlain launched NINE quad eye palettes!

In a variety of matt, iridescent or satiny textures, you are free to play with the shades from the most subdued to the most daring.

And of course to play ’em eyes up more, there’s the Long Lasting, Bi-Phase Liquid Eyeliner and the 3 shades of Eye Pencil.

Then of course, to accentuate the beautiful eye makeup, there is Lipstick Rouge G in 3 gloriously seductive red shades.  In a luxurious packaging that houses it’s own little miroir so you can check on your pout anytime, anywhere.


Terra Inca

2011 July 21, Thursday

So after you’ve created a flawless bronzy complexion with Terracotta, you can add more colours to your face with Terra Inca.

Start off with an illuminating powder in the same name as the collection for the face and body to warm up the skin tone.  Then dress up your eyelids with Ombre Infusion, a liquid/cream eye shadow that glides on smoothly and dries off light and long-lasting with iridescence.  If that’s not good enough you can colour up the eyes with Terre Indigo, a palette of 4 eye shades of vivid orange, deep blue and 2 shades of brown.  And with Guerlain‘s already cult Khôl Kajal in black, you can further intensify your gaze.  And finally, give your lips some shine and colour with the ultra-glossy yet non-sticky Terracotta Gloss in 3 shades.

Sun or (fake it with)Terracotta?

2011 June 7, Tuesday

Launched in 1984, Guerlain‘s  legendary Terracotta powder was created and has become a favourite of many over the years till now.  And in 2009, it was reported that one was sold every 25 seconds worldwide.  So this year, for the benefit of women (and men!) of different skin tones, Guerlain has re-introduced a full spectrum of 8 shades of the Terracotta Powder.  And to add to the excitement of achieving healthy bronzed skin, 3 products are added to the extensive line.

Terracotta Skin, a super fine and lightweight fluid powder foundation that corrects and evens out skin tone and letting your complexion glow with warmth.  The spherical soft-focus elastic powders diffuses light in all directions blurring out imperfections like fine lines & pores.  Waxes enhance the texture and application.

Terracotta Serum, a tan enhancing serum 30 times more concentrated than other tan boosting products that can be worn alone, before sunscreen or mixed with your skin care products (including body products too!) which can stimulates melanin production to optimise or prolong your tan.  The serum’s soothing properties moisturises and softens skin heated by the sun to ensure skin is well hydrated and detered from peeling.

Jambes de Gazelle.  Fake it beautifully and fake it smart!  And make your legs slim and taut looking like a gazelle’s.  This instant tan in a luxurious bottle can be easily washed off with soap and water.  And it’s not a makeup product.  It also cares for your skin and boosts your tan at the same time.

FYI, Terracotta Serum and Jambes de Gazelle are limited items so grab yours before they sell out.  😉

Guerlain sur mes lèvres…

2011 March 14, Monday

For Spring 2011, Guerlain launches a collection that works around the face to bring out the beauty of the lips.

The Série Noire Rouge G de Guerlain lipsticks, in four popping shades, are housed in a sophisticated case reveals a mirror when the lipstick is pulled out.  Inspired by the four lipsticks, Blush G is created.  A luxurious compact with four strips of blush tones to suit your moods of either having a subtle hint of colour or super rosy cheeks.  Next comes the Météorites Compact.  In three shades for fair, medium and tanned skins, they feel oh so luxurious on the skin.

And when your complexion has become so velvety and glowy to bring out the lips, some eye shades are here to complete your face to perfection.  Three shades of Ombre Éclat 1 Couleur highlight, sculpt and intensify the eyes while the limited edition Écrin 6 Couleurs brings a twist to your eyes with muted shades of beige, taupe and shimmery brown centered with a bright fuchsia.  Have fun with your eyes!

Lastly, pick one of the three shades of KissKiss Gloss to bring more pout to your puckers.  😉

68, Champs-Élysées by Guerlain

2010 September 23, Thursday

Many would know that Champs-Élysées is like the Orchard Road of Singapore.  But did you also know that the House of Guerlain is situated there too?

This fall, together with reputable designer/artist India Mahdavi who designed the gorgeous cases, Guerlain launches a collection of eye palettes in the names of their prestigious addresses in Paris.  Each Écrin 6 Couleurs holds 6 eye shadows, in matt, satin & iridescent textures, that complements each other to create luxurious looks for the season.  You can go from light and sophisticated to smoky and sultry.

Blush 4 Éclats comes in a mix of matt and satin effects for cheek sculpting and highlighting.

Four new shades of Rouge G de Guerlain and three new shades of KisKiss Gloss add to the collection.

And introducing KissKiss Essence de Gloss.  In an elegant golden tube that has a see-thru ring that reveals the shade of soft, caressing gloss within.

illuminate with Météorites Perles

2010 July 21, Wednesday

Any fan of the Météorites would know that the house of Guerlain was the pioneer of those coloured pearls of powder that illuminate the face since 1987.  Loose powder in a myriad of colours that won’t fly away with the wind and mess up your vanity case, dresser and floor.  Isn’t that neat?

This summer, an updated version is launched.  In an embossed metal case instead of the former pressed cupboard, bringing it up one more notch and looking more classy.  In three colour harmonies, rosy, beige-y and gold-y, to work for different skin tones.

If you prefer, a pressed version, in the three harmonies, is available too.

There are also two choices for you to put into your purse for easy touch-ups.  The Météorites Voyage in a chic silver compact and the Météorites Travel Touch which is a cocktail of the pearls in loose powder encased in a very convenient sponge applicator, ready-to-use at any time.

Complemetery products like the Light-Diffusing Perfect Primer and the Météorites Brush further enhance the effects of the pearls.

Also launched and in collector’s edition (ie. limited edition!) are the Ombre Éclat 4 Shades eye shadows in neutral pearly shades that will be so suitable for daily use and KissKiss Baby Nourishing Lip Balm with SPF 10 which will bring a nice sheen and subtle colour to your lips making them more succulent.

Guerlain’s two new range

2010 March 10, Wednesday

In February, Guerlain some 20 new lipsticks.  Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brillant and KissKiss Strass.

Rouge G Brillant is a sheer and shinier version of the creamy Rouge G.  Put it on and you can feel the rich, smooth and unctuous comfort thanks to active ingredients from ayurvedic medicine of Gugul resin (line filling), Tiger grass (a collagen booster*) and Wild Mango butter (softens & moisturises).  And ruby powder provides extra sparkle to your lips.

The tube is luxurious looking but a tad too heavy though.  Made fully of metal, the mirror flips open as the cap is removed for convenient touch-ups anywhere.

KissKiss Strass contains a combination of pure crystal beads and three different types of mother-of-pearl to create the illusion of multi-shimmering shine, like a river of rhinestones on the lips.  Hyaluronic acid microspheres  hydrates the lips to keep them supple and full.

*in vitro test

Cherry Blossom. Guerlain Spring 2010

2010 February 19, Friday

Innocent yet sexy looking Natalia Vodianova, again, fronts Guerlain‘s campaign, Cherry Blossom.  A collection that is originated from the west but draws inspiration from the east.

Eyes are kept in focus with shades of deep violet, plum and shimmering shades of pink and white from the Ombre Éclat 4 Couleurs.  And cheeks highlighted with the multi-shaded Blush Éclat with shades or peach and pink which would go well with most, if not all, skin tones.

In case you don’t already know of this product, the Météorites is a multi-coloured powder put together to give you radiance and glow with the correcting and light enhancing colours.  And fans of the it who like the colour pink will be happy to see the pink “petals” on the compact case of the Météorites Voyage this time.  Resembling sakura during “mankai” (cherry blossoms in full bloom).

Insolence, one of the house’s best selling fragrance also comes in a limited edition bottle to celebrate spring.  Decorated with Japanese-style flowers and somehow reminds me of the umbrellas a Geisha would carry when strolling the streets of Kyoto.  The scent is made up of violet, berries and iris notes.

La vie en sakura!