Dior Spring Look 2010 – Dentelle

2010 January 9, Saturday

The coquettish charms of the 20s inspired Dior‘s Spring 2010 makeup collection.  With a colours that are innocent yet sensuous at the same time.  The star product is the weighty, metal compact that houses an illuminating powder to create subtle highlights.  A lace design embossed on it as well as the limited edition blusher and eye shadows, is so nice ad sensuous looking I almost couldn’t bear to use them.

New to the line-up is Crème de Rose.  A lip balm with a mild rose scent (natural!) that nourishes and protects lips.  It reminded me of Crème Abricot which is a cuticle cream that also strengthens nails.  It has been looking after my lips well for the past month in freezing and dry Beijing. 🙂  Note : more than 5000kg of rose petals are required to produce 1kg of essential oil.

And to be a full fledged coquette, your lips have to pop!  Dior Addict‘s High Color lipsticks, Lip Polish and Ultra Gloss Reflect lip glosses will do their job well.

And the modern coquette will not settle for just red nails but probably a soft pink or silver pearl instead?


Dior Xmas Look 2009

2009 November 30, Monday

This Xmas, Dior presents Cristal Boréal.  A luxurious pendant, shaped like the backs of the armchairs in Christian Dior’s Paris studio in Avenue Montaigne and inspired by the magnificence of Versailles and the splendour of the 18th century.  And on it are specially created multi-coloured crystals by Swarovski that evoked the sunlight’s reflection through Galerie des Glaces in Versailles.

For the eyes, there is the limited edition Cristal Boréal Eye Shadow as well as the regular 5 colour palettes.  Instead of black, the Style Liner in this collection is in a sparkling purple to complement the eye shades which is mostly of purple and mauve shades.

Lips also pout in shades of mauve and pink for allover harmony.  And “crystallize” your nails in sweet pale pink with glitters or dramatize them in silver purple.