Vitalumière Éclat by Chanel

2009 October 21, Wednesday

Already in stores and probably gaining popularity is the new Vitalumière Éclat base makeup range by Chanel.  The house launched a successful Vitalumière foundation in 2002.  One of the first to have light-reflecting pigments in a foundation.  And now with this addition, I guess it will be a hit too.

In a new formula with SPF 10, the silicone-coated powder (patented technology by Chanel) has the comfortable feel of a cream sans the oily sensation.  It works even harder to achieve a more flawless finish for light is not reflected but refracted on the skin.  The High-Definition Light-Reflecting pigments of red, green or blue colours combine and diffuses a pure, vibrant white light, illuminating the complexion.  And Radiance-Enhancing pink and orange pigments transforms light to match the skin’s natural tone and add radiance to it.  As well as two complementing hydrophobic and lipophobic polymers to isolate pigments from sweat and sebum for a more beautiful and glowing complexion.

Use the brush for a softer translucent finish and touch-ups or the sponge for more coverage.  It comes in a nice sleek pouch that holds the brush nicely should you want t bring it out too.  And this is not a “2-way cake” so please use it dry only.

Adding to the range is Correcteur Perfection.  A long lasting concealer has a light, soufflé like texture that fits comfortably to the skin and diminishes small imperfections like dark circles etc.  Unfortunately, it only comes in 2 shades.



2009 August 23, Sunday

I watched COCO BEFORE CHANEL last week and thought Audrey Tautou played her role so well.  In some scenes, there were really uncanny resemblances to the late Madame Coco herself.

In the movie, you’d see “Coco” defiantly dressed in black outfits with clean, simple lines when she attended soirées, while other female guests would be in complicated, fluffy frocks that were the IN couture of that time.  She even popularized black hats when flamboyant coloured hats was de rigueur.

That was probably the inspiration for this collection of blacks in different possibilities.

After appearing in the spring and summer campaigns this year, Malgosia Bela is, once again, the face of Chanel’s latest collection, Obscurs de Chanel.

This collection focuses on just black.  Variations of black for the face all over.  An eye colour compact with 4 shades of black.  Purplish, brownish, bluish and greenish.  A black eyeliner with garnet reflections for that diabolic glare, 2 mascaras in blacker than black formulations for added volume, length and curl,  lipsticks and nail colours in 3 shades each and a coppery lip gloss should you feel your lips are a tad too “black”.

With Hallowen approaching, I think this limited edition collection will be a hit!