covers for February 2012

2012 February 23, Thursday

Here are the covers of February 2012 I’ve contributed to.

Please enjoy… 😉


January 2012

2012 January 4, Wednesday

It’s 2012!  And I’m happy to start the year with my work on International Supermodel Du Juan for the cover of Style magazine.

Sept 17.  Du Juan, among many other celebrities, was in Singapore for the official opening of the 1st Louis Vuitton Maison Store in Southeast Asia and I think the first Island Maison in the world.  And Style had the honour of photographing her for their cover and fashion spread the next day.

It was my first time doing meeting her and doing her face for the opening and she was so soft spoken and unpretentious.  We discussed how the makeup should be and she was really a pro.  She’s been there, done that and she knows she can carry off almost any style of makeup so she just wanted to look natural and kinda left it to me.

After makeup was done, she went to get ready for the soirée and the next time I saw her was at the party itself.

The following day at the shoot.  She just oozed elegance from every pore of hers.  Must be the 9 years of ballet training she had that she had such grace and poise.  FYI, she became too tall for ballet and had to quit and ended up modelling.

So here are the pictures.  Hope you like them…

Photos: Wee Khim

Styling: Sharon T

Hair: Edward Chong of Evolve Salon

Makeup: me

July and August covers

2009 August 13, Thursday

These are the covers I did for July and August this year.  For the Nuyou covers, we had a crew fly to Hong Kong to shoot the two celeb models.  Both of which happen to be girlfriends of two of the 4 Heavenly Kings of HK.  Gaile is dating Leon Lai and Lynn, Aaron Kwok.  I’ve met Gaile many years back and she pretty much looks the same.  So is her personality.  Both of them, despite being celebs in their own rights, they were not prima donna at all.  Gaile was sweet and chatty and such a pro.  As for Lynn, I think she was initially shocked when she saw the makeup I had done on her.  Super bare face with nothing else but dramatic eyebrows.  I highly doubt she has had that look before.  So her already large eyes became humongous when I was done with makeup.  haha  But even though I could see she wasn’t quite used to her makeup, she didn’t utter a word about it and went on to perform well with the shoot.  Now this is what I call professional.  Now that the magazine has come out.  I hope she will be happy with it as it is a look she has never tried and I personally like it a lot.  🙂

my first entry

2009 April 12, Sunday

March 2009 has been a great month for me!  I think it must’ve been the most number of magazine covers I’ve had in a single month in my entire career as a makeup artist up till now.

I know it’s a bit late now, but I was away for 3 weeks and just got back a few days ago.  Which was also the reason for my being happy.  Cuz I was in Cuba on vacation.  A country not typical of a holiday destination for most.  And it was a wonderful trip for me!

So here I am with my first post ever, showing off the six covers I did for March.