the eyes have it!

2011 September 27, Tuesday

And Guerlain certainly knows it well!  Because this fall, Guerlain launched NINE quad eye palettes!

In a variety of matt, iridescent or satiny textures, you are free to play with the shades from the most subdued to the most daring.

And of course to play ’em eyes up more, there’s the Long Lasting, Bi-Phase Liquid Eyeliner and the 3 shades of Eye Pencil.

Then of course, to accentuate the beautiful eye makeup, there is Lipstick Rouge G in 3 gloriously seductive red shades.  In a luxurious packaging that houses it’s own little miroir so you can check on your pout anytime, anywhere.



Guerlain sur mes lèvres…

2011 March 14, Monday

For Spring 2011, Guerlain launches a collection that works around the face to bring out the beauty of the lips.

The Série Noire Rouge G de Guerlain lipsticks, in four popping shades, are housed in a sophisticated case reveals a mirror when the lipstick is pulled out.  Inspired by the four lipsticks, Blush G is created.  A luxurious compact with four strips of blush tones to suit your moods of either having a subtle hint of colour or super rosy cheeks.  Next comes the Météorites Compact.  In three shades for fair, medium and tanned skins, they feel oh so luxurious on the skin.

And when your complexion has become so velvety and glowy to bring out the lips, some eye shades are here to complete your face to perfection.  Three shades of Ombre Éclat 1 Couleur highlight, sculpt and intensify the eyes while the limited edition Écrin 6 Couleurs brings a twist to your eyes with muted shades of beige, taupe and shimmery brown centered with a bright fuchsia.  Have fun with your eyes!

Lastly, pick one of the three shades of KissKiss Gloss to bring more pout to your puckers.  😉