BOLD and simple…

2016 October 26, Wednesday

NUYOU magazine.

Try a very simple yet bold look this time.  No complicated applications needed.  Just a little more daring on the choice of colours and stand out from the crowd!

Keep it simple with a thin layer of URBAN DECAY’s Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector.

MAKE UP STORE Microshadow in Enigma all around upper and lower lids blending off towards the brows.

Keep cheek colour soft and neutral with Dual Intensity Blush in Sexual Content from NARS.

With NYX’s Ombre Lip Duo, fill in almost all of the inside of the lips with the lipstick side (lighter shade) and line the lips thickly from outer lip inwards (other end) and blending both shades to create an ombre effect.

Full details here.





go soft with pastels…

2016 July 25, Monday

In the May 2016 issue of NUYOU magazine, I demonstrated how one can try out a full face of pastel shades without looking washed out.

A pale shade of green from the lash line blended upwards and fading off and a little along lower lash line too.
Yellow eyeliner pencil along upper lash line (if more colour is desired)

Brush on a soft shade of pink over the apples of the cheeks.

Pink tinted lip gloss for that soft colour.

Click here for full details.


The Flower Petal Look…

2016 June 8, Wednesday

This look was demonstrated in the March 2016 issue of NUYOU magazine.

The feel is lengthened lashes to look like the dried stems leading to the flower which is represented by the mat red stained lips.

Have fun trying to get this look.

Full details here.MAIN-cl170316-700x467-1



Eyes on Blue…

2016 June 7, Tuesday


In the April 2016 Issue of NUYOU magazine, I demonstrated on how to use blue makeup items to dress the eyes.

Here are some very easy to follow steps for you to try.

For full details, click here.


Four Looks to Try…

2016 February 15, Monday


In the February 2016 issue of NUYOU magazine, I’ve created four looks that can bring out different parts of your face.
In this post in you can see what I did for each look.  But please pardon my not-so-fluent Mandarin.

You can watch the videos here or click here for the full story.

Hope you will find one or more of them looking nice on your faces too!





beauty shoot for Nuyou magazine

2010 June 10, Thursday

Here’s a picture to share with u guys of a makeup I did for today’s shoot for Nuyou’s fall beauty spread. Look out for it! 😉

July and August covers

2009 August 13, Thursday

These are the covers I did for July and August this year.  For the Nuyou covers, we had a crew fly to Hong Kong to shoot the two celeb models.  Both of which happen to be girlfriends of two of the 4 Heavenly Kings of HK.  Gaile is dating Leon Lai and Lynn, Aaron Kwok.  I’ve met Gaile many years back and she pretty much looks the same.  So is her personality.  Both of them, despite being celebs in their own rights, they were not prima donna at all.  Gaile was sweet and chatty and such a pro.  As for Lynn, I think she was initially shocked when she saw the makeup I had done on her.  Super bare face with nothing else but dramatic eyebrows.  I highly doubt she has had that look before.  So her already large eyes became humongous when I was done with makeup.  haha  But even though I could see she wasn’t quite used to her makeup, she didn’t utter a word about it and went on to perform well with the shoot.  Now this is what I call professional.  Now that the magazine has come out.  I hope she will be happy with it as it is a look she has never tried and I personally like it a lot.  🙂

Zoe Tay

2009 August 13, Thursday

What was all this hoo-ha on Zoe for???  Those people who commented on her looking old etc etc just had nothing better to do?  For crying out loud!  She is 42 this year.  Why wouldn’t a 42 year-old have wrinkles when people less than half her age already has fine lines starting to form on their faces???   And who says everyone of the same age has to look like they are of the same age.  Everyone of us have different bone structure, hence we all age differently.  Our different lifestyles and what we consume determine how we age too.  Some people are just blessed with good genes they look great without having to care much, whereas others just have to be more careful.  Even a pair of twins can look very different in age if they had different lifestyles.  So who are YOU to say how anyone should look?  And did you check yourself out in the mirror before putting others down?  If Zoe really looked that bad, would the magazines still put her on their covers?  Just look at these three covers I did with her for May, June and July.  Doesn’t she look great?  I’m sure some of you will say she looked good with the help of some retouching.  But who doesn’t???  Name me a person who can look flawless without retouching.  Come on people.  Be true to yourselves!

my first entry

2009 April 12, Sunday

March 2009 has been a great month for me!  I think it must’ve been the most number of magazine covers I’ve had in a single month in my entire career as a makeup artist up till now.

I know it’s a bit late now, but I was away for 3 weeks and just got back a few days ago.  Which was also the reason for my being happy.  Cuz I was in Cuba on vacation.  A country not typical of a holiday destination for most.  And it was a wonderful trip for me!

So here I am with my first post ever, showing off the six covers I did for March.