quick pick-me-up!

2013 July 18, Thursday

Guys! Yes guys!  Are there times when you feel lethargic at work and need a quick pick-me-up that takes all of 30 minutes and you can actually do it during your lunch or just skive out of the office for a “quickie” and be fresh and bright for your presentation or meeting after?  Or that special night out after work when you wanna impress your friends or date. ;-)

Well if your office is in Orchard Road, especially in the Orchard MRT vicinity, then you’ll be happy to know that at B3 of Ion Orchard lies a by Biotherm Homme boutique.  The first in the world!

This a space where men can pop by to get an express facial where the specialist will have a quick chat with you and listen to your needs and suggest which express facial is suitable for you.

She’ll sit you down on a comfortable barber chair-like seat and first deep-cleanse your face with a suitable facial cleanser using the wonderful Clarisonic. In case you don’t know what the Clarisonic is, it is an electronic chargeable device that helps you cleanse your face apparently 6 times more effectively than your bare hands.  The brush head will rotate and gently remove all dirt and grime off your skin without causing abrasion.  There’s also a body brush for the body, but of course there’s no body cleansing service here!  Dream on guys!

So anyway, after cleansing, there will be a soothing and relaxing facial massage to ease off all those fatigue followed by the application of Biotherm Homme’s skin care products!

Guys go give yourselves a treat!

It makes a great gift to your friends too!

Ladies Nite – 女人俱乐部

2013 July 16, Tuesday

I have been so busy with work and filming for beauty programs etc. that i miss the shows i’m in!  All of them.  Thank goodness for http://www.xinmsn.com and http://www.stylexstyle.com, i can share the video here.

In this first episode of Ladies Nite, Andy Lee and myself were invited to show viewers how to create different styles of eye makeup for different occasions.

Please enjoy!


Wonderful Singapore Airlines

2013 July 15, Monday


I would like to commend on the excellent service on Singapore Airlines’ cabin crew and ground staff.

I flew to Bali for a wedding on 3rd July 2013 and had left my favourite pair of sunglasses behind in the seat pocket.  I was kinda sleepy hence the carelessness.

I realised only when I got to the hotel and thought maybe I’d contact Lost & Found to give a shot. Then I got busy and forgot all about it.

And guess what happened!  On the day I left Bali, I got a really nice surprise as I boarded the plane.  When I handed my boarding pass to the staff, he scanned it and then spoke to me, “Hello Mr Lee, did you leave anything behind on the plane when you came to Bali?”. I was like, “my sunglasses??”.   He then handed it over to me with a big smile and I was sooooo happy!

This shows the honesty, pride and integrity of the staff.  Either the cabin crew who or the staff who turned over the aircraft after we landed must have found it and handed it in to the ground staff to to safekeep for me.

Well done Singapore Airlines for such outstanding service!

I’m seen wearing the pair of sunglasses in question in the picture above. ;-)

I was at OCBC Bank Harbour Front branch earlier to update my mailing address.

Walked in and saw a 2 greeters (1 male, 1 female) and told them I would like to update my mailing address.  The female staff directed me to the line.  There was about 4 people before me so I thought it wouldn’t take that long.But it took me at least 20 minutes to get to the teller. 

I told him what I needed to do and also asked if there were any other more convenient ways to do it and he told me I could do it at the ATM too.  Bloody hell! The 2 greeters didn’t even tell me there was that option when there wasn’t anyone at the ATMs!

The teller apologized when I told him that.

I don’t know if those 2 jokers were just plain lazy or not well informed of their services or they simply have no pride in what they do.  Annoying!  Wasted so much of my time!

Had wanted to go tell them about this after I was done but another staff has taken over their duties. pfft!



unfazed by the haze!

2013 June 19, Wednesday

unfazed by the haze!

The haze is getting really bad at a high of PSI 170!!
So I’m gonna wear this nifty nose mask when I’m outdoors.
You can’t really see it if you don’t look close enough and if you do, it just looks like a nose ring.
So I don’t need to wear those huge face mask and can inhale well-filtered air sans pollution.


2013 March 1, Friday

For the first time, Shu Uemura comes up with a collection with all eyeshadows mat.  All three limited edition palettes!  That’s rather unusual (but nice) isn’t it?  Not a single shimmer eyeshadow in the whole collection.

Imagine the mat shades on your eyelids looking like velvety flowers petals blowing in the wind as you express with your eyes.

The pastel shades of pink, blue, lilac, green and yellow together with some neutrals can give your makeup looks some fresh beginnings and moods this Spring/Summer season.

In the collection are 2 brightly coloured styles of false lashes to bring colours to your eyes if you think you are not that good with your blending…

Go check them out and emote joy with your eyes!

Oh yes!  GOOD NEWS!!  To celebrate 30 years of beauty, Shu Uemura Singapore has generously re-priced 30 of their beauty icons to new LOWER prices!  ;-)



2013 February 22, Friday

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at PM 05.29.04

Chérie Chérie Bow…

2013 January 31, Thursday

For Spring 2013, Dior dresses their makeup collection with bows, which the late Christian Dior himself adored, and their famous houndstooth checks.

There’s a lot of pinks here as the couturier found pink to be “the softest of colours” and the colour “of happiness and femininity”.

The star product this in the collection are 2 palettes of 3 eyeshadows, a black eyeliner and a fresh pink gloss.

Below are my picks… I happen to like all 3 nail polishes!

Get in the Pink ladies!


Daria Strokous

Chérie Bow Palette

Chérie Bow Palette


Shiseido Makeup Spring/Summer 2013

2013 January 21, Monday

For Spring this year, Shiseido Makeup launches 25 new shades of Perfect Rouge lipsticks. 15 rich shades of Perfect Rouge and 10 soft shades of Tender Sheer.  From very sexy nude-ish beige to vivid shades like red and fuchsia.

Still keeping to the original camellia-shaped packaging has been updated too. Perfect Rouge remains in it’s slick black case whereas Tender Sheer gets a new red coat.

At the base of each lipstick is embossed with “TOKYO GINZA SHISEIDO“.  A gesture of Shiseido’s confidence that you will enjoy them so much you’ll use it all the way till the words are gone and beyond…

Also, launched are 2 palettes of Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio and 2 Luminizing Satin Face Color compacts.  All of very soft and shades inspired by the colours of the setting sun on sand dunes and beach grass on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina.

Enjoy the collection that would suit most, if not all, skin tones… ;-)

Available in stores in February.

shades of precious stones….

2013 January 10, Thursday

Creative director of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, Lloyd Simmonds, said, “Pink quartz, amethyst, pyrite, malachite, azurite, jade, each possesses a hypnotic beauty…”  which i totally agree.  Different kinds of stones bring different kinds of energy to a place or a person…

And the purity and colours of the stones of rich and crystalline shades, were the inspiration for YSL Beauté’s Spring 2013 collection.

Enjoy the shades!

ysp spring 2013

ysl spring 2013 face  ysl spring 2013 collection


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