Majolica Majorca fans will be delighted with the little surprises from its Chapter 31 collection called Fake Sleeping.

You’ll find the limited edition Aurora Eyeliner in either pink or blue hue to go with your entire look.  The thin applicator brush allows you to either add sparkler to the tips of your upper lashes for a fluttering blink or on the lower lash line to make eyes appear big, dewy and more dolly.

Also in this collection is another limited edition Majoromantica  fragrance dew.  MJ fans who got hold of the previous floral version may wanna add this fruity version to their collection.

And I’m happy to receive in my lovely press kit a very special hourglass that has a frog on one end and 2 butterflies on the other.  It would look very nice on my desk.  And I can probably use it limit my chit chat time on the phone while at work.  😉


Fall in “Girl”

2010 November 13, Saturday

In a few days, Majolica Majorca fans here will be able to find its Chapter 29 collection called Fall in “Girl”.

In this collection, which I received in a beautiful “book” case like previous ones, besides the usual suspects of eye shadow kits and lip gloss etc., a fragrance is introduced.

Majoromantica is a handy bottle of fragrance “syrup” that gives off sweet, juicy, floral notes.  Dab it on with the spatula from the bottle and enjoy the sweet aroma.

Another special item is the Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo mascara in a limited edition blend of jet-black fibres (to thicken and lenghthen lashes while it’s on) and red coloured mascara.  If only this were launched before Halloween, then we could’ve used it to add to the devilish touch to our eyes.

Also in the “book” is a not-for-sale spoon.  I’m guessing it is linked to a special that’s probably exclusive for the Japanese market.  A special edition chocolate fudge ice-cream by Häagen-Dazs, with chocolate sauce oozing out when bitten, is sold.  So the little desert spoon can be used to enjoy the ice-cream.  🙂

Majolica Majorca launches Chapter 27 of its makeup collection with a series of limited items.

Two palettes for the eyes each containing an eye base, an eye gloss and 2 shades of eye shadow.  You can layer the eye shadow over the base for a more dramatic and lasting effect or use the glittery eye gloss alone for sparkling eyes.

Two shades of liquid eyeliner, one in a white base with a tinge of purple and the other, black based with a tinge of violet for more dramatic eyes.

I remember many years back that purple mascara was very popular and always sold out.  Now it will be available again by MJ in their fabulous mascara formula.  The colour of the mascara will be more apparent under sunlight.  It adds a dash of colour to your face but in a subtle way.  Great for people who are tired of mundane earthy shades yet not daring enough to go colourful all at once.

Mademoiselle Midnight is the current collection by Majolica Majorca.

There are 2 limited eye & lip palettes which carries 2 eye shadows and 2 lip glosses each of which 1 is for the Red Look (sultry) and the other for the Purple Look (girly sexy).

Other limited items in this collection is the All Night Compact.  A pearlized compact that smoothens the skin for an all night glow.  And the other one is Secret Lingerie.  A fig scented body moisturizer with tiny glitters to give your skin a nice, sexy sheen.

3 new additions are introduced to the Jeweling Pencil collection.  Gold, green and brown.  All with a lamé finish for eyes to sparkle!