Come join us the following weekend for some insight knowledge of how to flatter your individual figures.  Celeb designer to stars like Lin Chiling, Fann Wong and Joi Chua among many others, Keith Png, will be on hand to advise you on the right clothes to enhance the silhouette of your individual body shapes.  And of course, I will be going through with you the full makeup process to show you how you can turn yourself from a plain Jane to a fresh faced beauty with light makeup or a sultry sex symbol with a more sophisticated look with Dior‘s Summer palette.

And after the session, Keith and I will pick the best put-together candidate to win a SGD500 Dior beauty hamper!

Where?  Paragon Atrium.

When?  7th May to 9th May 2010  1pm – 5pm

How much?  SGD150 But fully redeemable!!!  You get valuable hands-on tips for free!!!  So what’s there to consider???

Call 67374709 to make reservations now!


Zoe Tay

2009 August 13, Thursday

What was all this hoo-ha on Zoe for???  Those people who commented on her looking old etc etc just had nothing better to do?  For crying out loud!  She is 42 this year.  Why wouldn’t a 42 year-old have wrinkles when people less than half her age already has fine lines starting to form on their faces???   And who says everyone of the same age has to look like they are of the same age.  Everyone of us have different bone structure, hence we all age differently.  Our different lifestyles and what we consume determine how we age too.  Some people are just blessed with good genes they look great without having to care much, whereas others just have to be more careful.  Even a pair of twins can look very different in age if they had different lifestyles.  So who are YOU to say how anyone should look?  And did you check yourself out in the mirror before putting others down?  If Zoe really looked that bad, would the magazines still put her on their covers?  Just look at these three covers I did with her for May, June and July.  Doesn’t she look great?  I’m sure some of you will say she looked good with the help of some retouching.  But who doesn’t???  Name me a person who can look flawless without retouching.  Come on people.  Be true to yourselves!