Anyone who knows me fairly well will know that I love perfumes.  LOVE!!!  I’ve been wearing perfumes since I was 13-14.  And my first bottle was the obsolete Lanvin For Men.  I still do miss it every now and then.  Another obsolete one that I liked a lot was Nina by Nina Ricci.  There is a new scent by the exact same name now, but besides its name, there’s nothing similar between the two.  And please don’t ask me why.  I’m wondering hard myself too.

I wanna mention 2 very special scents which I’m so loving right now.  Created by the perfume house of Amouage (since 1983) from Oman in the middle east.  Funny enough, both scents share the same name, Jubilation 25.  The men’s version uses Roman numbering and the ladies’ uses modern numbers.

My fellow perfume aficionado, Sharon Tulasidas, and I had returned from a working trip and was at Nuance-Watson in T2 and spotted these gorgeous bottles and zoomed in to try them out.  I fell in love with Jubilation 25 right away!  It somehow reminded me of the Nina I liked but had more character to it.  And has some old world charm to it.  It contains top notes of tarragon, rose, lemon and ylang ylang.  Heart notes of davana, labdanum ciste, rose and frankincense.  And base notes of  amber, musk, vetiver, myrrh and patchouli (which I love).

And for men, Jubilation XXV didn’t smell anything close to the ladies’ but evoked a totally different feel.  It has top notes of labdanum ciste, coriander, orange, davana, frankincense and blackberry.  Heart notes of honey, bay, cinnamon, orchid, rose, clove, celery seeds and gaiac wood.  And base notes of patchouli, musk, moss, ambergris, oud wood and immortelle.  As you can tell, its a very woody scent with zest.

And quality perfumes don’t come cheap.  Over SGD300 for a 50ml bottle.

So I had to think a bit before jumping in on them.  And before I had them, I’d go spritz either one on my wrists at the store each time I travelled and smell it throughout my flights.  Even on long haul ones cuz they last so well.  That made my journeys more pleasant.  Now I can have it with me.  SWEEEET!  😉

Another special thing about Amouage scents is that there’s nothing marked on their bottles except for the brand.  No 50ml, 100ml, EDP, parfum etc.  Just the names of the scents marked on the base of respective caps.  Classy!

And there was also Le Vainqueur (the winner in English) by Rancé.  A light and fresh fragrance containing notes of bergamot, geranium, ginger, grapefruit, lily of the valley, nutmeg, sandalwood, vetiver etc.

The history of this house began in the 1600s when the Rancé family became known for producing perfumed gloves for the French aristocrats using high quality perfumed oils extracted from the Provençal flowers in Grasse.

And in 1795, after the French revolution, Françcois Rancé turned the house into an exclusive perfumery bringing a new joy to lifestyles.  That led him to become Napolean’s favourite perfumer and Le Vainqueur was one of the first he created for him.

This two brands are currently available exclusively at Nuance-Watson only.

I wanna thank Cindy Goh of Nuance-Watson for sending me these scents.  BIG SMILES!!!


Perhaps many of you have already noticed the absence of Yves Saint Laurent counters in department stores.  Yes, YSL has decided to remove their beauty products from Singapore.  I bet there’ll be many disappointed souls out there.  Especially fans of its famous Radiant Touch.  But the consolation is the fragrances will still be available in department stores.  So meanwhile, while YSL beauté fans are still praying for its return to the domestic market here, it will still be available at Nuance-Watson Duty Free stores in the airport.