ClaRence LEE

A Singaporean makeup artist who’s been boosting people’s confidence (I hope) by making them look better (for as long as they keep their makeup intact. haha) since 1990.


35 Responses to “About”

  1. Natalie Nancy Tan said

    Hi Clarence,

    May I know how to register for your make-up workshop?


  2. Cass said

    Hi Clarence, thanks for the valuable tips on how to conceal dark circles. hope to see your video on how to apply make up soon. Cheers

  3. Ong Yy said

    Hi clarence, juz wanna find out from u if u conduct any make-up class or lessons that teach how to take care of skin properly and use the correct beauty and make up products ?

    • ClaRence said

      Hi Miss Ong,
      Thank you for your interest. 🙂
      Not at the moment. But I will post on my blog here if i do have in the future ok?

      Cheers! 🙂

  4. Ong Yy said

    ok. thank u very much.

  5. Jason Huang said

    Hi Clarence, me and my wife-to-be are currently planning for our wedding which will be held in next May.

    We will be heading to Honolulu in next March for our wedding shoot cum advance honeymoon.

    Therefore I would like to enquirer if you do makeup for non-celebrities?

    If you do, we would like to engage your makeup service for our wedding shoot at Honolulu and on our wedding day.

    You may get back to me via email to

    Thank you very much for your time. Awaiting for your reply!

    Warmest Regards

  6. Asliza said

    Hi Clarence! how are u? Asliza 3/3 from CCSS.

  7. Ronalou Lau said

    Dear Clarence

    Hello! my name is Ronalou and I am currently doing my Diploma of Make up Artistry in Cosmoprof. I would like to ask if you take on work experience people such as myself to shadow you around as you work in a project. I would very much love to learn and have invaluable work experience from you. I have read you are one of the top make artists of Singapore so I believe there is no better way to learn from but the best.

    Please let me know when you do have the time, I look forward to hearing from you..

    Following you on Twitter 🙂
    dolly_mix – twitter nick


    • ClaRence said

      Hi Ronalou,

      Thank you for your email and compliments. But I’m not looking for an assistant at this point. So I’m sorry to have to disappoint you.
      Hope you will do well in your course and become a successful makeup artist in future.



      • Ronalou lau said

        Hi ClaRence

        Thank you anyway and I will try my best to get experience in other opportunities.. Best of luck on everything you do also.. take care

        R.lau ~

  8. Daph said

    Hi Clarence,

    I am planning my wedding for November this year & am interested in you doing my make-up for me. If you are okay with it, would appreciate if you could email me with your rates etc?

    Thanks & Regards,

  9. Ashley said

    Dear Clarence,

    I’m interested in engaging your services for my wedding day. Can you please let me know your rates and what is covered in your rates (e.g. ampoules, lashes etc)? Thanks a lot!


  10. H said

    Hello Clarence!

    I’d like to invite you to be my makeup artist for my wedding lunch and also to the lunch. Please could you let me know your availability by an email reply? Thanks!


  11. Jin-ha, Kim said

    Hi~~ I am a korean photographer.
    I took for .
    This will be published on this Sunday (31 OCT).

    My facebook ID is
    Pls add me as your friend…
    You can see every photo~~!

    Have a nice day~~!

  12. Angela said

    Hi Clarence

    Love ur make up skills.

    I would like to invite you to be my makeup artist for my wedding Actaul Day (Morning & DInner)this December 2011. Appreciate if you could drop me an email for your package.

    Thank you.

  13. Miixue said

    Hey Clarence!

    I would like to have you as my makeup artist for my aunt and me for her son’s wedding dinner,the date is april 3rd. Can you kindly email me your rates?

  14. Adelene said

    Hi Clarence,

    would like to check with you what are your charges like for actual day (morning + lunch) and a trial session? Also are you currently still available for 20th Nov 2011?


  15. Jess said

    Hi Clarence,

    I have watched the ladies nites on channel u on last week on the tutorial for makeup. Sorry but may i check with you the brand of the orange foundation that zoe tay used. Could you kindly email me? Thank you in advance!

  16. Steph said

    it was informative watching the ladies nites with u sharing tips on makeup. May i know how to check the brands that are recommended by d artistes? If can, may i know the concealer by Vivian Lai as i got really dark undereye circles . sorry hope not too much of a trouble. Thanks!

  17. Alicia said

    Hi Clarence,

    May I know if you do makeup for bride and bride’s maid ? Mai I also know the charges. Thank you.


  18. alison said

    hi clarence,

    am planning my wedding next year and am looking for a makeup artiste! heard lots of great reviews about your make up skills. can you email me your rates please? would greatly appreciate it! thanks a million! (

  19. June said

    Hi Clarence,

    I am planning for my wedding next year. Hence, would appreciate if you can email me ( your rates for the following:
    1) Pre-wedding (Photoshoot)
    2) Actual wedding day (ROM) & night (Dinner)

    As I’m considering whether to have a themed wedding, hence please advise if there are any change to the rates of above mentioned items for the concerned.

    Thanks in advance!


  20. […] unique clutch for Hermes and talking about her inspiration. Very nice experience working with Tracy, Clarence Lee (Make up guru) and Toety (Senior Fashion Stylist for Leofficial). This entry was posted in Blog, […]

  21. Fiesien said

    Hey Clarence

    I need a mua for 19th jan. please get in touch. Thanks!

  22. Hsu Lin said

    Hi Clarence,

    I’m Hsu Lin and I work with a Japanese skincare brand. We’re launching a new product and very keen to send some to you to try.

    If you’re keen, I hope to hear from you and I’ll make the delivery arrangements most convenient for you.

    Thanks Clarence, hear from you soon.

    Warm regards,
    Hsu Lin

    • ClaRence said

      Hi Hsu Lin,

      Thank you for contacting me.
      You can send the products over to

      HIDE & SEEK.
      71 Bussorah Street
      Singapore 199484.

      Please note to send them after 1pm on weekdays.

      You can reach directly at too.



  23. Missyvainpot said

    Hi Clarence

    I m currently looking for a make-up artist for my wedding. Are you able to share your packages? Please email me. Thanks.


  24. Hi clarence

    I would like you to teach me basic makeup.
    I am thinking my eye how to draw.. and cheek and eye area. Hope to hear from u

    • ClaRence said

      Hi Jeanette,
      Thank you for contacting me but I’m not conducting any classes at the moment.
      I do have a little makeup workshop on 19th Feb 2016 with Etude House though.
      Perhaps you would like to attend that for now?
      Details on my latest post.



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