more eyes… flutter those GO GO LASHES!

2011 September 28, Wednesday

Through my observations, many women would bother to put on eye shadow but not bother with eyebrow grooming and/or mascara.  I used to wonder why but I think I got the answer.  Eye shadow is the easiest to clean off.  Just wipe a makeup remover soaked cotton pad over the eyelids and voila!  But for eyebrows, it takes a bit of patience, precision and sometimes endurance from the pain of tweezing.  And for lashes, “it’s too troublesome to curl and put on mascara and even more troublesome to remove it at the end of the day” and “my lashes fall out as I remove my mascara” would be the most common reasons for ladies to not dress their lashes.

Little do they know, that if your lashes are beautifully curled and coated with mascara, your eyes will look a whole lot better than with just eye shadow alone.  Of course, with the combination of a good set or brows and perhaps eyeliner to enhance the shape of the eyes, you won’t even need to open your mouth.  Your eyes will do the talking… 😉

Well, ZA has just launched the right stuff for you to make your eyes more beautiful.  Their already very popular eyebrow pencils and mascaras have just been upgraded for even better performance.

Virtually all of them Vitamin E infused, 4 new eyebrow pencils, 3 waterproof mascaras, 2 eyeliners, a liquid eyeliner, a mascara base (which is very important for keeping the lashes curled for hours and making them look fuller and longer)  and last but not least, an Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (for you to wipe off your long stay lip pencil and lipstick with ease too).

Note:  The reason why lashes fall off when removing eye makeup is because the wearer just simply rubs the cotton pad over the eyes right away without waiting for the solution to soften the mascara and eyeliner.  If they had pressed it on for a few moments before gently wiping the makeup off, it’ll be much easier and instead of tucking and being rough to your delicate eyelids and lashes.

Specials!!! (now til 19th Oct 2011)

1)  Purchase the Mascara Volume and receive the Eye & Lip Makeup Remover 30ml as a gift.

2)  Take snapshots of yourselves and your girlfriends with Impact Lash Mascaras on and stand to win ZA products, Agneselle dresses, Panasonic digicams or be invited to champagne parties.

3)  $3 off ZA Dramatic Eye Color and Eye Vibrante

25% off cleansers

25% off True White and True White Plus skincare range

Details here or just go to your nearest Watsons store now!


the eyes have it!

2011 September 27, Tuesday

And Guerlain certainly knows it well!  Because this fall, Guerlain launched NINE quad eye palettes!

In a variety of matt, iridescent or satiny textures, you are free to play with the shades from the most subdued to the most daring.

And of course to play ’em eyes up more, there’s the Long Lasting, Bi-Phase Liquid Eyeliner and the 3 shades of Eye Pencil.

Then of course, to accentuate the beautiful eye makeup, there is Lipstick Rouge G in 3 gloriously seductive red shades.  In a luxurious packaging that houses it’s own little miroir so you can check on your pout anytime, anywhere.