2009 December 31, Thursday

Had a very nice dinner at  Bei restaurant at the stylish and chic The Opposite House hotel in Beijing with David Gan, Keith Png & Martin Wong.  Menu was a mish mash of Asian food which looks mainly of Japanese and Chinese cuisine.  After that we went over to the Sureno bar to have a drink.

Over there, we had a good talk about how things evolve over time.  Cuz among us were like 4 “generations” of people in the fashion industry.  David, me, Keith and Martin.  We were saying how each “generation” started younger and their spending power etc.  And even though we were of different “generations” we should work together and new sparks will be created and the seniors not bully the juniors.  That is so old school!  If a senior helps the junior improve, it makes the whole industry go up too and likewise, when the senior is going to be over-the-hill, the junior can in return “push” the senior back up again.

See, if we all supported each other and not try to push one another down, wouldn’t that make us stronger and more resilient?  It’s like team work. Unity makes us stronger!  If you think you can try and not let anyone supersede you so that you can stay up there, I think you gotta think again.

My two cents worth.  🙂