keep yourselves well!

2016 July 21, Thursday

In The Straits Times today.
With several other beauty industry experts, I shared some suggestions on how we can make ourselves feel, look, smell better on a daily basis and also to minimize germs on the place we spend most of our time in.  Our beds!

Below is what I had to say.  Get your copy of The Straits Times or click here to find out what suggestions the other experts have for you.



unfazed by the haze!

2013 June 19, Wednesday

unfazed by the haze!

The haze is getting really bad at a high of PSI 170!!
So I’m gonna wear this nifty nose mask when I’m outdoors.
You can’t really see it if you don’t look close enough and if you do, it just looks like a nose ring.
So I don’t need to wear those huge face mask and can inhale well-filtered air sans pollution.