23rd September 2016.

You can learn how to easily recreate this soft yet radiant look on yourselves.

Would you like to join us at this event with Etude House Singapore and The Official Teenage Magazine?

You don’t have to be a teenager to come… 😉



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I’m honoured to have been invited to be part of this SG50 collaboration with UNIQLO Singapore to contribute a picture to commemorate this Golden Jubilee of the country I’m proud to be a citizen of.

The picture depicts a story of what each of us wanna feel and wanna say about Singapore.

Above is a screenshot from UNIQLO‘s website of my contribution and what I had to say.

From now till 10th August 2015, you can have your own designs printed at the BUGIS+ outlet and most importantly, 100% sales of these tees go to The Community Chest of Singapore!

Go get yours printed now!

Some months back, I received an email from an online beauty portal asking me if I’d like to be a speaker at a Beauty Forum they were having.

The event was to be held on 8th December 2012, lasting for about 4 – 5 hours.  But I would be needed for around 1 – 2 hours “at the most”.

So I agreed and told them my fee for doing the presentation which includes a chit chat session with the attendants, a makeup demonstration and be a judge in one of the segments.

I got a reply saying that they’d like to “propose a possible partnership” with myself and my company, Oblique, “in exchange for your support and presence at our event.”

“As a speaker at _______ Beauty Forum, we can also offer you media entitlements and advertising space through our website, email blasts and social media outlets. These can be used to promote any of your events, products or general features.”

I was even given the stats of their portal.  1 million visitors; 150,000 registered members; No.1 Women’s website from 2006 – 2010, etc.

I replied that I don’t do barter trades.  So I politely turned down the offer.

After which I was asked if I would “consider a special rate” as it was the first time they were holding the event.

After a few more emails and phone calls, I received an email saying that the event was confirmed and so was my appearance.  However, they did not need me to be a judge anymore so I was asked if the rate were any different since the fee I quoted was for around 2 hours of work.

I replied that my fee would remain the same as even though the judging part was out for me, I’d still end up being there for about 2 hours as I’ll need to arrive prior to the event and can’t be arriving right before I’m supposed to go onstage and leave right away after.  I mean, I get paid the same amount by several clients doing the same or less work too.

So I was told by the person who’s been contacting me that she would need to speak to her HQ and get back to me again.  Which never happened.

Besides this person contacting me, I have been contacted by another person asking me for recommendations of my fave beauty products too.  Me being kinda busy and forgetful, I only emailed her my list less like 5-6 days before the event itself.  Which i did not get a reply from her too.

So I wondered what happened, and went online to see if i could find out anything.

To my shock, I saw that another makeup artist has been confirmed for the gig and I wasn’t even informed about it.  ME ANGRYYY!!!

I saw the makeup artist at an event and found out from him that he was also approached about the same time as me for the event.  Those sneaky people at the portal…  And to my bigger shock, this makeup artist is doing it for free!!!  WTH!!!  Come on!  As it is, the market is not very strong already.  Why would anyone wanna do work for free???  He was telling me he was doing it for a certain cosmetics brand.  I didn’t quite get it.

Correct me if I’m wrong.  If he had wanted to thank the brand by doing something back for them, then I think it would be more apt to do it directly for the brand and not for an event that was not organised by the brand.  ???

People will call it “spoil market”.  Agree?

Back to the portal.  So I was not happy but it was the festive season and I thought I’d be kind enough not to dampen everyone’s festive mood.  So I waited until today to call the person who contacted me and asked her what happened.

She said that she had emailed me telling me about it which I never received.  I even asked her to look up her mail box but she couldn’t find the email that she had sent to me at all in her Outbox or Drafts Box or anywhere at all.

Seriously, I’ve never heard of emails going missing.  If they were not delivered successfully, we’d receive a mail delivery unsuccessful email.

Also, the other person I emailed to with my list of beauty faves would have found it puzzling why I was still sending her my list when I was no longer involved in the event.

Wouldn’t she have felt it weird and replied me or told her colleagues about it?  Is there no communications between them???

Actually, this is not the first time this portal has approached me for a similar kinda gig.  They have approached me couple of years back but it didn’t pull through due to the fee as well I guess.  Cuz I didn’t get a reply after I quoted my fee.

I just wanna share my displeasure on this incident as I think it is very unpro what has happened.

I have worked with so many cosmetics brands and beauty establishments and we have good relationships after so many years.  Even the ones who would tell me they don’t have enough budget for me, but the good relationship remains and till now we still work together happily.

They should have informed me even if they didn’t want to cozy up to me for a better rate.  No?

I guess I can only SIGH to this….

I’m honoured to be featured in the August issue of CLEO Singapore as their Career Star.  And the opportunity to share my experiences with people who are interested in them.

Thank you Katherine for the interview!

covers for February 2012

2012 February 23, Thursday

Here are the covers of February 2012 I’ve contributed to.

Please enjoy… 😉

Female mag January 2012

2012 January 5, Thursday

My other cover work for January this year would be for Female magazine.

I must thank the team at Female mag for often having me do makeup for their covers.  I’ve been working regularly with them for the past years and it’s been a good working relationship.  So here’s their January 2012 cover starring Dasha from Russia.

Photo: Ng K Hon

Styling: Jonathan Chia

Hair: Edward Chong of Evolve Salon

Makeup: me

January 2012

2012 January 4, Wednesday

It’s 2012!  And I’m happy to start the year with my work on International Supermodel Du Juan for the cover of Style magazine.

Sept 17.  Du Juan, among many other celebrities, was in Singapore for the official opening of the 1st Louis Vuitton Maison Store in Southeast Asia and I think the first Island Maison in the world.  And Style had the honour of photographing her for their cover and fashion spread the next day.

It was my first time doing meeting her and doing her face for the opening and she was so soft spoken and unpretentious.  We discussed how the makeup should be and she was really a pro.  She’s been there, done that and she knows she can carry off almost any style of makeup so she just wanted to look natural and kinda left it to me.

After makeup was done, she went to get ready for the soirée and the next time I saw her was at the party itself.

The following day at the shoot.  She just oozed elegance from every pore of hers.  Must be the 9 years of ballet training she had that she had such grace and poise.  FYI, she became too tall for ballet and had to quit and ended up modelling.

So here are the pictures.  Hope you like them…

Photos: Wee Khim

Styling: Sharon T

Hair: Edward Chong of Evolve Salon

Makeup: me

covers covers…

2011 January 24, Monday

Over the years, I’ve been very blessed to have gained trust by the people at several magazines to have me do makeup for their covers.  So here I am sharing the covers I’ve done recently.  Hope you like them.

beauty shoot for Nuyou magazine

2010 June 10, Thursday

Here’s a picture to share with u guys of a makeup I did for today’s shoot for Nuyou’s fall beauty spread. Look out for it! 😉

i weekly feature

2009 October 6, Tuesday

I’m being featured in this week’s “i weekly” magazine.  Basically, it’s a chronicle of one of my days’ kinda thing.

Just thought I’d share it with you guys here.  🙂

Also wanna thank Minwei for coordinating with me for it.  Cheers!