Dior fall 2009 – Jazzclub

2009 August 15, Saturday

Think Louise Brooks, art deco, the Charleston era and flapper girls.  What comes to mind would be the romantic, soft images of black and white movies and pictures.  Dark eyes, small lips on pale faces.

This fall, Dior presents Jazzclub.  A collection inspired by the glam, jazz-age era that Hollywood became world famous for its filming industry.

The new addition to DiorSkin Poudre Libre, Dior’s moisturizing loose powder with shimmer pigments, brings you one step closer to that hollywood glamour shine!

Eye colours are in high contrasts from sparkling crystal white to sparkling black from the singles to smokey purples and plums in the 5 colour palette.  While lips are in bright, popping shades.

And the star product of the season is…  the Jazzclub!  2 stylish compacts with 6 eye shades each from metallic white, burnt silver and grey, to bring glam Hollywood highlights to your peepers.  And muted shades like mauve, taupe and black for that sultry smokey look.


Starring the sexy Isabeli Fontana in a chic, short crop, is Chanel‘s fall 2009 makeup collection, Collection Venise.

Mademoiselle Chanel loved Venezia!  She fell in love with it the very first time she set foot there.  This city built above waters gave her inspirations that expanded her creativity.

Peter Philips created this collection based on the colours found in and around Venice.  Baroque shades to signify the colours found at the soirées and outfits donned by the attendees and the aquatic shades from the waters around this city.

Declaring Indigo

2009 July 20, Monday

Lancôme‘s fall makeup collection will be in stores soon and I had the privilege of being part of their launch to the press.

Declaring Indigo has a nice mix of high fashion blues with hues of gold and black for the eyes and bold, bold red for the lips.

The La Palette Liberté comes in 2 different combinations. One holds 2 different shades of gold and 2 blues of the same shade.  But one has gold pigments to add sparkle to your eyes and the other without.  The other compact has three different shades of gold with a gold pigmented black.  The looks you can create with these 2 palettes can go from subtle to dramatic!  You can also reshape, extend and dramatize your eyes with the Ink Artliner.  A cream eyeliner in a jar that is budge-proof.  The gold and blue eye pencils together with the limited Virtuôse mascara that’s deep blue with tiny glitter pigments will help you achieve more dramatic effect.

Color Fever Matt comes in THREE shades of red!  So you can pick the red that most flatters your complexion.  Beauty tip  :  Wearing the right red lip colour can make teeth appear whiter!  😉

And the are 2 shades of Color Fever Gloss.  One red and the other one gold.

There’s also a lovely compact powder called Rose Liberté.  A pressed powder that, with a soft nuance of highlights, you can brush partially or all over your face and décolletage to make your skin glow!

Let your imagination run wild!