Elixir for Youth for ALL

2012 January 9, Monday

The Body Shop has launched a new darling in skin care.  An effective “pre-serum” combining science, nature and technology.  Why “pre-serum”?  Cuz you use it before your regular serum and moisturiser to let it work wonders for your skin. 😉

Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth uses the power of plant stem cells harvested from criste-marine, an edible wild plant found along the rocky Britanny coastline.  This plant extract also reconstitutes the composition of skin lipids, renewing and protecting the skin.  It is able to thrive in the harshest of environment conditons and sustain itself by absorbing nutrients from the air around it.

And being an extract of beech bud, with rich concentration of minerals, trace elements, enzymes and vitamins, it is a botanical powerhouse!

As with the rest of the Nutriganics™ range, 99% of the ingredients in it are from natural origins.  Sans silicon and paraben.  And 25% of ingredients organic.

The texture is superb!  It looks thick and heavy when you drop it from the dropper onto your skin, but it spreads oh-so-easily and speedily absorbs into the skin and feels like you haven’t applied anything at all (except that you can feel a nice light tingling sensation…).  Especially good for people who don’t like the sticky or heavy feeling of skin care products.  The boyfriends will love it!

The price?  A steal at SGD58.90 for a 30ml.



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