In Our Small Way by the late Michael Jackson

2009 October 10, Saturday

I was tidying my room and decided to go through my CDs to see what I can listen to at the same time and came across a CD by the Jackson Five.  While listening to it, the lyrics of this particular tracks caught my attention.  I like his Heal the World very much too.  But this was done in 1972 and I only noticed it now.  The lyrics go like this… very simple but meaningful.  See if you like it.


Maybe you and I can’t do great things
We may not change the world in one day
But we still can change some things today…
In our small way

Empty words are not enough
Where there’s hurt we’ll be a crush
When there’s thirst we’ll fill each other’s cup
Because we care we love enough to share


In despair we’ll be the hope
And the prayer that frees the soul
We’ll be there to share each lonely road
Because we love, I know
We care enough


Just a little time is all it takes
What a difference just a smile can make, you’ll see
Love is all we need



One Response to “In Our Small Way by the late Michael Jackson”

  1. AC said

    I just bought MJ’s MTV…really enjoy watching them! =)

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