one stroke beauty…

2011 October 29, Saturday

I’m sure many women have the problem of not being able to blend several shades of eye shadows nicely together.  Well, well, well, KOSÉ may just have the solution for you.

In the latest collection of makeup from their ESPRIQUE line, they have cleverly created eye shadow compacts that let you apply your eye shadows almost idiot proof.

According to research in the Japan market, the average times for women to put on their makeup on weekdays and weekends are 17.73 and 21.68 minutes respectively.  So to cut that time in order for you to catch up on other things and to ease your woe of not being able to blend your eye shadows painlessly, they have created the One Stroke Beauty concept.

How does it work?  You simply run your applicator or your own fave brush along the three shades in the compact and sweep it across your eye lids for a nice blend of colours.  Of course, you mustn’t expect professional looking contouring with this but you can be sure your eye makeup would never look patchy or messy.

In this new line of makeup, there’s also cheerful shades of cream blush sticks, mascara, liquid eyebrow, pencil & liquid eye liner, sheer & creamy lip sticks and hydrating lip glosses to add shine and moisture to your lips.

Go try it for yourself and see if you like the idea of saving a few more minutes each day while not messing up your eye makeup.  😉