quick pick-me-up!

2013 July 18, Thursday

Guys! Yes guys!  Are there times when you feel lethargic at work and need a quick pick-me-up that takes all of 30 minutes and you can actually do it during your lunch or just skive out of the office for a “quickie” and be fresh and bright for your presentation or meeting after?  Or that special night out after work when you wanna impress your friends or date. 😉

Well if your office is in Orchard Road, especially in the Orchard MRT vicinity, then you’ll be happy to know that at B3 of Ion Orchard lies a by Biotherm Homme boutique.  The first in the world!

This a space where men can pop by to get an express facial where the specialist will have a quick chat with you and listen to your needs and suggest which express facial is suitable for you.

She’ll sit you down on a comfortable barber chair-like seat and first deep-cleanse your face with a suitable facial cleanser using the wonderful Clarisonic. In case you don’t know what the Clarisonic is, it is an electronic chargeable device that helps you cleanse your face apparently 6 times more effectively than your bare hands.  The brush head will rotate and gently remove all dirt and grime off your skin without causing abrasion.  There’s also a body brush for the body, but of course there’s no body cleansing service here!  Dream on guys!

So anyway, after cleansing, there will be a soothing and relaxing facial massage to ease off all those fatigue followed by the application of Biotherm Homme’s skin care products!

Guys go give yourselves a treat!

It makes a great gift to your friends too!


2 Responses to “quick pick-me-up!”

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