not well informed or just plain lazy??

2013 June 21, Friday

I was at OCBC Bank Harbour Front branch earlier to update my mailing address.

Walked in and saw a 2 greeters (1 male, 1 female) and told them I would like to update my mailing address.  The female staff directed me to the line.  There was about 4 people before me so I thought it wouldn’t take that long.But it took me at least 20 minutes to get to the teller. 

I told him what I needed to do and also asked if there were any other more convenient ways to do it and he told me I could do it at the ATM too.  Bloody hell! The 2 greeters didn’t even tell me there was that option when there wasn’t anyone at the ATMs!

The teller apologized when I told him that.

I don’t know if those 2 jokers were just plain lazy or not well informed of their services or they simply have no pride in what they do.  Annoying!  Wasted so much of my time!

Had wanted to go tell them about this after I was done but another staff has taken over their duties. pfft!




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