2013 March 1, Friday

For the first time, Shu Uemura comes up with a collection with all eyeshadows mat.  All three limited edition palettes!  That’s rather unusual (but nice) isn’t it?  Not a single shimmer eyeshadow in the whole collection.

Imagine the mat shades on your eyelids looking like velvety flowers petals blowing in the wind as you express with your eyes.

The pastel shades of pink, blue, lilac, green and yellow together with some neutrals can give your makeup looks some fresh beginnings and moods this Spring/Summer season.

In the collection are 2 brightly coloured styles of false lashes to bring colours to your eyes if you think you are not that good with your blending…

Go check them out and emote joy with your eyes!

Oh yes!  GOOD NEWS!!  To celebrate 30 years of beauty, Shu Uemura Singapore has generously re-priced 30 of their beauty icons to new LOWER prices!  😉



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