Shiseido Makeup Spring/Summer 2013

2013 January 21, Monday

For Spring this year, Shiseido Makeup launches 25 new shades of Perfect Rouge lipsticks. 15 rich shades of Perfect Rouge and 10 soft shades of Tender Sheer.  From very sexy nude-ish beige to vivid shades like red and fuchsia.

Still keeping to the original camellia-shaped packaging has been updated too. Perfect Rouge remains in it’s slick black case whereas Tender Sheer gets a new red coat.

At the base of each lipstick is embossed with “TOKYO GINZA SHISEIDO“.  A gesture of Shiseido’s confidence that you will enjoy them so much you’ll use it all the way till the words are gone and beyond…

Also, launched are 2 palettes of Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio and 2 Luminizing Satin Face Color compacts.  All of very soft and shades inspired by the colours of the setting sun on sand dunes and beach grass on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina.

Enjoy the collection that would suit most, if not all, skin tones… 😉

Available in stores in February.


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