14 March is White Day

2012 March 12, Monday

Maybe many of us in Singapore have not heard of this but exactly one month after Valentine’s Day isWhite Day.

Originated in Japan in 1978, the trend has spread to neighbouring countries like South Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

It was the day for the men to “pay back” to their ladies for in Japan, girls are supposed to give their boys chocolates on Valentine’s Day.  So White Day is for the boys to return gifts to them.  Anything white.

And with Shiseido celebrating it in Singapore since last year, I’m sure the trend will catch on here too.

On this day, Shiseido fans will be treated to the Pure White Drink (rich in wolfberry concentrate which helps fight dark spots and prevent future ones) upon purchase of Shiseido products. (terms apply)  Also, you can experience Shiseido’sReal Time Makeup Simulator for a limited period of time here in Singapore.  I’ve tried it in Tokyo recently and found it so amazing and fun.  Just stand in front of the device and have fun trying tons of colours and not worry about having to put on and remove makeup at all.

On that day, you can also check out Nic Wongand Daniel Loh‘s Cruise by Saturday, an exclusive collection in collaboration with Shiseido.  Of course in white.

So much talk about White Day and what else can you look out for?  Of course it’s Shiseido’s newest spot killer!  The White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum +.  With powerful whitening ingredients m-Tranexamic Acid and4MSK (a Shiseido original whitening ingredient), etc.  it promises to work even better than it’s predecessor, crushing melanin and diminishing spots.  Apparently 80% of 108 women who have tested the product noticed an improvement in just 10 days!

Of course, like I always say, there is no magic potion in this world.  You want results, you gotta be good and be patient and use the product for a period of time before you really see great results.  So please don’t expect to have your spots all vanish just after ONE bottle. And PLEASE PLEASE remember to wear sunblock rain or shine!!!




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