Sun or (fake it with)Terracotta?

2011 June 7, Tuesday

Launched in 1984, Guerlain‘s  legendary Terracotta powder was created and has become a favourite of many over the years till now.  And in 2009, it was reported that one was sold every 25 seconds worldwide.  So this year, for the benefit of women (and men!) of different skin tones, Guerlain has re-introduced a full spectrum of 8 shades of the Terracotta Powder.  And to add to the excitement of achieving healthy bronzed skin, 3 products are added to the extensive line.

Terracotta Skin, a super fine and lightweight fluid powder foundation that corrects and evens out skin tone and letting your complexion glow with warmth.  The spherical soft-focus elastic powders diffuses light in all directions blurring out imperfections like fine lines & pores.  Waxes enhance the texture and application.

Terracotta Serum, a tan enhancing serum 30 times more concentrated than other tan boosting products that can be worn alone, before sunscreen or mixed with your skin care products (including body products too!) which can stimulates melanin production to optimise or prolong your tan.  The serum’s soothing properties moisturises and softens skin heated by the sun to ensure skin is well hydrated and detered from peeling.

Jambes de Gazelle.  Fake it beautifully and fake it smart!  And make your legs slim and taut looking like a gazelle’s.  This instant tan in a luxurious bottle can be easily washed off with soap and water.  And it’s not a makeup product.  It also cares for your skin and boosts your tan at the same time.

FYI, Terracotta Serum and Jambes de Gazelle are limited items so grab yours before they sell out.  😉


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