KATE eyebrow gel

2011 March 4, Friday

I often hear people mentioning they have difficulties drawing their brows and many are not sure what is good.  Pencil? Powder? Even liquid eyebrow pens ala liquid eyeliner.  I think I may have discovered the best for now.  KATE Gel Eyebrow.  I know this has been launched for a few months now.  But it was only recently that I decided to try it out and wow!, it was good!  I kid you not.

It looks like a typical pot of gel eyeliner but is less dense in colour so it works perfect for brows.  The angled brush that’s in the range is also perfect as it neither too hard nor soft.  Making the application even easier.  And its of a waterproof formula so it stays put very well unless you have super oily skin.

The shade pictured here is suitable for most people with dark brown to black hair.  Their is also a lighter shade should you wish to match your brows with your coloured hair.



One Response to “KATE eyebrow gel”

  1. Eileen said

    will try this soon! =) thank you~

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