covers covers…

2011 January 24, Monday

Over the years, I’ve been very blessed to have gained trust by the people at several magazines to have me do makeup for their covers.  So here I am sharing the covers I’ve done recently.  Hope you like them.


5 Responses to “covers covers…”

  1. Dolphine said

    I like Jeanette aw the best! Like all the make up u did for Jeanette aw recently, especially the breakout poster! 🙂 thank you mister Clarence for making our princess so pretty and good!

  2. ClaRence said

    Thank you Dolphine for your compliments!
    Jeanette is very pretty herself already, so that makes my job easy. 😉

  3. Loy said

    Hi Clarence

    Beautiful covers. WOnder have you make up for any models with darker skin tones? It would be nice if you can show case some cos’ my girl is on the darker side.

    From Me (Your army mate!)

    • ClaRence said

      Sorry i missed your comment Corporal Loy! haha
      I have done makeup for darker skinned girls.
      But many times after the lighting and all, the model doesn’t seem so dark anymore.
      So it may be hard to tell the difference unless the model is black or very dark.

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