combat your wrinkles neither with silicone nor going to the doctor…

2011 January 7, Friday

If you’ve been checking out wrinkle filler products you may have noticed most if not all would contain silicone.  Silicone in a product would, in my knowledge, give the wearer instant gratification as it immediately fills up the lines and crevices on the face.  But this latest wrinkle filler from Kiehl’s DOES NOT CONTAIN SILICONE!

How cool is that?!  It means that the product works to really plump up those fine lines without the visual effect that silicone would enhance but with other more effective products discovered after much research and development.  And the best part is, I can use it on the eye and lip area too.  Those are the two areas that are more prone to fine lines due to the constant movement when we talk and express ourselves.  And our lips get dry really easily from the weather, air-conditioning and constant licking.  YES!  Licking your lips to keep them moist makes them dry out worse.  So stop wetting your lips and get a lip balm!!

There are two other complementary products that can make your skin even younger looking.  Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate and Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate.  These two products boast a the highest content of Pure Vitamin C ever. 10.5%!!  The former to improve tone and texture of the skin and the latter to boost radiance and minimize wrinkles around the eye area.

And these are just three of the several other cool products in the Dermatologist Solutions™ range from Kiehl’s.


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