Fall in “Girl”

2010 November 13, Saturday

In a few days, Majolica Majorca fans here will be able to find its Chapter 29 collection called Fall in “Girl”.

In this collection, which I received in a beautiful “book” case like previous ones, besides the usual suspects of eye shadow kits and lip gloss etc., a fragrance is introduced.

Majoromantica is a handy bottle of fragrance “syrup” that gives off sweet, juicy, floral notes.  Dab it on with the spatula from the bottle and enjoy the sweet aroma.

Another special item is the Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo mascara in a limited edition blend of jet-black fibres (to thicken and lenghthen lashes while it’s on) and red coloured mascara.  If only this were launched before Halloween, then we could’ve used it to add to the devilish touch to our eyes.

Also in the “book” is a not-for-sale spoon.  I’m guessing it is linked to a special that’s probably exclusive for the Japanese market.  A special edition chocolate fudge ice-cream by Häagen-Dazs, with chocolate sauce oozing out when bitten, is sold.  So the little desert spoon can be used to enjoy the ice-cream.  🙂


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