magical makeup base!

2010 November 9, Tuesday

If you’ve been looking for a makeup base that delivers yet easy on the pocket, read on…

L’oréal Paris has just launch in stores Base Magique.  A makeup primer that smooths the appearance if your skin in an instant on application.  100% oil and fragrance free, it “diffuses” fine lines and makes pore appear smaller.  Skin looks refined and feels baby soft.  Applied on the lips, it acts as a lip primer for a better finish and also prevents lip colour from feathering out.  It also cuts shine so men who want to look fresher without the shine can use it alone without any makeup too!

Remember to go easy on it and not apply too much (as with all makeup products).  Dab a little and blend out evenly and repeat all over the face.

And the price?  SGD22.90.  Its a steal for what it delivers.  Believe me.



4 Responses to “magical makeup base!”

  1. Kristen said

    Tried it and agree it’s pretty good! 😉

  2. Nini said

    After reading your twit, i bought & tried it..
    It was good.. Thanks for introducing such a great product that minimises the burnt in my pocket.. =D

  3. Claraity said

    Bugis J is now having 20%. bought it @ $18 its really a steal! Thankz Clarence coz the texture really good! It melt in your skin 🙂

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