2010 November 4, Thursday

BB cream, BB cream!  People have been raving about this thing for a few years now and I’ve never been a fan of it.  First it was the overly pale faces on females, then later men too started wearing it and they often looked to pale.

Then people start complaining about skin problems like clogged pores from wearing it.  Many don’t realise that BB cream is actually a makeup product and one has to remove it thoroughly at the end of the day like any other base makeup and sunscreen.

So all this time, I’d have friends telling me about this new BB cream and the other.  And I still wouldn’t be bothered.

Then a friend asked me to try one that was brought in by her friend and I thought, “ok I’ll give it a try”.  I found that it really was not bad.  Its texture was light and it doesn’t make me paler.  Evened out my skin tone subtly and refines the appearance of my skin texture too!  And it has SPF 30.

I used it as a makeup base on clients and some asked what I had used on them when they saw their skin appeared smoother after application.

So if you haven’t found the right BB cream, perhaps you can give HANA BB Cream a try.


4 Responses to “HANA BB Cream”

  1. j said

    sounds interesting! how much is this bb cream? is it available in sg?

  2. Phuong Dong said

    guys, just bought it last week when I am back to Singapore from my holiday. It is the 1st time I buy B.B Cream (have not used it yet). Changi has promotion and I grab it at $20.

  3. SOH Yen Chern said

    I got this as a gift from a friend, overall better than Skinfood aloe vera. Easy to apply, after applying skin doesn’t feel tight & suffocated like skinfood.

    The only con is like all Korean bb cream, colour tone looked dark enough, but after apply, proved to be a mis-matched.

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