my first F1 race

2010 September 26, Sunday

I never was into this F1 thingy but when Puma Singapore invited me to watch the race from a high floor in Pan Pacific Hotel I thought “why not?”. It’s not often u get such kind of an event happening on your shores.

So it was pretty exciting watching the cars fly past u & hearing the loud zooms… & I just learnt that it takes an average of just 3 seconds for all 4 tyres to be replaced in the pit.  Amazing speed.  Call me ignorant.Here’s a vid for you guys. Including the lovely night scene of Singapore.



2 Responses to “my first F1 race”

  1. Desiree Tan said

    hey Clarence! (: Met you at Christian Dior Launch @ MBS at the “motion sensor book”. Wasn’t aware you have a blog until i happened to chance about it. Read some of your previous posts reg make-up tips and recommendations. (i would prob need some help! haha) Very impressed that you have such passion for your job! Well done. Not sure if you still have e pic you took in ur BB, but if you still have e the picture, able to email me or send to my BB? Pin: 2279D698 thanks!(: hear from you soon.

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