the latest vibrating mascara from Maybelline New York

2010 June 7, Monday

Maybelline New York has in stores now their latest introduction to their impressive line-up of mascaras.

Pulse Perfection is the first vibrating mascara for the mass market.  For half or less than of the price of its predecessors but not compromising in performance.  Just SGD29.90  and it is limited to only 30,000 pieces in Singapore.

With a speed of 7,000 per minute vibrations together with emollient waxes and oils that provides a smooth even texture that tames and volumizes lashes with an even 360˚ coating.  It also helps to push up the lashes, giving them a nice soft curve.  But of course, I’d suggest using an eyelash curler to give you even more lift!

A little tip.  If you like the brush and the good it does for your lashes you can keep the it even if the mascara has run out and use it with your other mascaras.  You can simply replace the battery which is located at the top of the cap.  😉


3 Responses to “the latest vibrating mascara from Maybelline New York”

  1. AtelierGal said

    I wanted to get this but got the Loreal one instead. Why? Because there’s COLLAGEN LOL

  2. Vivien said

    Is it in stores now in Singapore?

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