CLEARIFY your skin

2010 June 7, Monday

I recently discovered a amazing new product that’s just a small bottle of 10ml but works wonders! 

Clearify, as the name suggests, helps clear your skin of blemishes and sebum.  Well not 100% but it does minimise.  There’s no product that can clear your skin of problems 100% anyway.

Its a light liquid made mainly of plant extracts which helps control sebum secretion, slows formation of white and black heads, treats pimple infections and helps diminish post acne spots.

Apply it after cleansing and let it absorb for a couple of minutes before putting on your regular serum, moisturiser etc.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and could feel my skin texture refined and less oily just after a few days.

It has been sold online all this time but Oblique is happy to be the first to carry it in the store for people to come try the texture before buying.

Come feel the texture and see how well it will work for your skin!  🙂


4 Responses to “CLEARIFY your skin”

  1. C said

    Care to let us know how much is this fab product?

  2. sihan said

    Hi Clarence, thanks for recommending the products on your blog. Would be great if you could include prices and which skin types it’s suitable for.

    Thanks! And keep up the great job 🙂

    • ClaRence said

      hi Sihan,

      this product is actually good for all skin types.
      and i recommend you still use your regular moisturiser after it.



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