Liberate me!!!

2010 May 13, Thursday

You’d have seen at MAC by now these lovely limited editions for the season.

Give Me Liberty is cheerful with pretty packaging that will make you wanna have the whole collection. They remind me of hippie chicks in the great outdoor nature with birds and flora.

I especially like the Beauty Powders as they are great for adding a soft nuance of colour all over the face to brighten up a face without being too obvious.  Perfect for makeup freshies and pros alike.


2 Responses to “Liberate me!!!”

  1. Dagney said

    Hi Clarence,
    I just saw an article you wrote in Nu You about plastic surgery. I had my double eyelids done 9 years ago and was never quite happy with them. I am thinking of going to Korea for a revisional surgery and going to be there between June 7 – 9 for some consults first. Have you got any Korean plastic surgeons to recommend? Any suggestions / help from you would be really appreciated, because, as you can imagine, it sucks to be unhappy with your surgery, esp on something as obvious as your eye. Hope you can help and thanks in advance.

    • ClaRence said

      hi there,
      the surgeon i went to was in this clinic in Seoul and was Dr Kim Nam Ho.
      they don’t speak perfect English there but we were able to communicate in basic English.
      but if you don’t want to go so far, you may want to go consult Dr Amal Dass at Advanced Aesthetics.
      i go to him for botox and it turns out really natural.

      good luck.



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