A New Me. A New World. by Maquillage

2010 March 24, Wednesday

Dare you to be like the Jap pop star, Iconiq.  The face of Maquillage‘s new collection.  Shave off your head to reveal a new you!

Let’s start with  the lippies.  Lasting Perfect Rouge.  Although a transfer proof lipstick, it doesn’t feel dry over time and has a never achieved before smoothness.  You’ll see a glossy film on the lip surface that seals in colour and moisture.

Next, there’s Glossy Perfect RougeShape Memory Gloss Oil melts upon contact with the lips and surface solidifies on exposure to air to lock in moisture with a protective sheen while remaining soft beneath for comfort.

Pearl Luster Powder present in both reflects light softly to diminish the appearance of vertical lines, making lips appear smoother and more plumped.

Refillable Smooth & Stay Lip Liner comes in 3 lighter shades make lips appear plumper and go with sheerer lipsticks and 3 darker shades defines lips more and goes better with lipsticks with more opacity.

Long Stay Eye Liner are also refillable and has 2 limited shades of green and violet and 4 other shades of the usual suspects of black, brown and blue with a light beige that can be used to apply on the inner lower rim of the eyes to widen them.  They are smudge resistant so you can blink and cry all you want.  😛

Wanna lighten your brows to go with a certain look but don’t wish to bleach them?  Try Eyebrow Color Wax.  They are water resistant and has a flexible wax formation so they will last well and neaten your brows at the same time.  And also contains Arginine which works as a hair treatment.

And the new Eyes Creator (3D) come in 5 new palettes of which 2 are limited.  I personally think that the green palette is a very nice one for the season as it is easy to use and will brighten up any face.  Try it on and you will see what I mean.  It may look very green but it’s actually pretty soft when applied.  But if you really don’t like it, just wipe it off and use something else.  It’s only makeup.  Not plastic surgery.  😉



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