more lipsticks from Shiseido

2010 March 23, Tuesday

Shiseido launches more lipsticks this season with one of my favourite models, Raquel Zimmerman.  4 shades of Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte are semi-transparent and matte and provides lasting, intense moisture.  It’s lightweight feels like you have nothing on your lips.  And because it’s matte, it can even mimick the look of your natural lips but with a nice tone on it.  Another 4 shades of Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer are like it’s name say, sheer in colour and has concentrated, dewy moisture that keeps lips moist all day.  The packaging is similar to the Perfect Rouge shades.  But if you look carefully, you’ll see that the matte range has a matte body while the sheer range has a metallic finish and the classic range has a glossy body that matches the rest of the lipstick case.

A new range of lip gloss is introduced.  With an abundance of moisture, these glosses provides shine without the sticky feel.

Luminizing Satin Face Color has 4 new shades of blushers and 2 highlighters in icy white and soft gold.  Silky-soft refined powders that spread easily and not feel dry on skin.

And 5 new shades of Luminizing Satin Eye Color is introduced to the existing 15 shades.  Like the face colors, they are easy to spread and are long-lasting.


2 Responses to “more lipsticks from Shiseido”

  1. AtelierGal said

    I’m loving the new range of lip gloss. Unlike the ones I’ve used, the Shiseido ones are not sticky and looks better than some of the sheer lipstick I owned.

    And I like the matte range too, which I never thought I would ever like. The formula is not drying at all 🙂

  2. makeupmag said

    The mattes are very special. I like that they carry a tinge of sheen. 🙂

    I love that lipstick visual too!

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