Rouge Coco by Chanel

2010 March 10, Wednesday

And Chanel recently launched Rouge Coco with the ultra sexy Vanessa Paradis.

The wide variety of shades are grouped into shades of Beiges, Pinks, Reds and Browns.

It looks just like the house’s Rouge Hydrabase from a distance but pick it up, and you’d think that it is a Chanel No.5 pure spray.  The whole case is made of metal now, hence the glamourous feel.  Besides the new material used, engineers who worked on this new product.  The closure has gone through countless trials to obtain the perfection of a nice click shut with a soft push.  And to add to that luxurious touch, the famous double C logo is embossed inside the base of the cap.

Meadowfoam oil extract protects surface of lips while natural esters retain moisture and hydrate lips.  And  phyto-ceramides imitate the natural function of the skin barrier and lips become suppler and softer with continued use.

Here’s the making of video for Coco Rouge.


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