Cherry Blossom. Guerlain Spring 2010

2010 February 19, Friday

Innocent yet sexy looking Natalia Vodianova, again, fronts Guerlain‘s campaign, Cherry Blossom.  A collection that is originated from the west but draws inspiration from the east.

Eyes are kept in focus with shades of deep violet, plum and shimmering shades of pink and white from the Ombre Éclat 4 Couleurs.  And cheeks highlighted with the multi-shaded Blush Éclat with shades or peach and pink which would go well with most, if not all, skin tones.

In case you don’t already know of this product, the Météorites is a multi-coloured powder put together to give you radiance and glow with the correcting and light enhancing colours.  And fans of the it who like the colour pink will be happy to see the pink “petals” on the compact case of the Météorites Voyage this time.  Resembling sakura during “mankai” (cherry blossoms in full bloom).

Insolence, one of the house’s best selling fragrance also comes in a limited edition bottle to celebrate spring.  Decorated with Japanese-style flowers and somehow reminds me of the umbrellas a Geisha would carry when strolling the streets of Kyoto.  The scent is made up of violet, berries and iris notes.

La vie en sakura!


One Response to “Cherry Blossom. Guerlain Spring 2010”

  1. ping said

    Hi Clarence,

    Yuping here from THEFACESHOP. Would i be able to send you some products (makeup in particular) from THEFACESHOP as we have quite a few new makeup lined up for 2010, and some of them has just been released.

    Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂


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