Chanel Spring 2010 – Les Impressions de Chanel

2009 December 31, Thursday

For Spring 2010, Chanel launches Les Impressions de Chanel.  A classic and timeless collection inspired by the imprints left by Madamoiselle Chanel.  All shades in this collection are with nuances of beige, with touches of brown, khaki and gold.

And the face of the campaign is once again the classy Malgosia Bela.


4 Responses to “Chanel Spring 2010 – Les Impressions de Chanel”

  1. Jess said

    Hi Clarence,

    I need your guidance and recommendation on foundation. I have some pimple mark on my face. Hope you give me recommendation on the foundation brand which is suitable. Currencly i using Ipsa lique foundation.

    • ClaRence said

      Hi Jess,
      First of all, don’t use a foundation lighter than your skin tone cuz that will only magnify the marks. In fact, you can try using a foundation slightly darker which will make the marks appear less obvious. Then use a lighter shade to highlight areas like t-zone, under eyes/above cheekbones etc to brighten up the face. If the marks need further concealing, the concealer should never be lighter than your skin tone too. If you find your foundation is good then stick to it. Good luck! 🙂


  2. Jess said

    Hi Clarence,

    Thanks for your reply! Yap i using lighter foundation and concealer. no wonder even i makeup is still look like didn’t really like cover. becos i went to the makeup counter they recommend a lighter foundation for me as base on my skin tone. emm will you recommend me some of the brand which you think is quite good for combination & senstive skin? Thanks for your help.

    • ClaRence said

      Hi Jess,

      There are many brands of foundations in the market and it is hard for me to tell you for sure which is suitable as reactions are subjected to the chemistry between every individual’s skin and the product. So I can only suggest that you try out the product and leave it on for a few hours before considering whether it is good for you or not. I’m sure the beauty advisor will understand. And I suppose a oil-free, water based foundation will be a better bet for you since you have combination skin.


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