nice surprise from Nanami Suisan

2009 November 26, Thursday

I was at at Central at Clarke Quay and was feeling a sudden hunger but was going to have dinner in a couple of hours so wanted to just have a snack.  As I an allergic to wheat, there are many things I can’t eat or I will end up with flatulence.  So I walked in this relatively new part at the basement of Central and was happy to see NANAMI SUISAN (I think it means Seven Seas Sea Produce in Japanese)  I was looking at the sushi selection at first but decided on some deep fried fish & chicken fillet etc.  So I picked a $3 pack that looked like what you’d get at most supermarkets. (Those take-away plastic packs sushi is packed in)  The cashier offered to heat them up for me after I told her I was going to have them there.

So here’s the part that impressed me.  I thought they were just going to heat up the food so I stood and waited but was told they’ll send me the food.  When the food came, it was presented as if I had ordered a set meal.  It came complete with Jap mayo, proper crockery and even a bowl of miso soup!  I was pleasantly surprised.  I got all that for just SGD3!

Perhaps it was due to the lack of human traffic that they provided such remarkable service.  But that’s exactly how you keep your customers and gain new ones.  The food quality was good and I will definitely be back there again.  Thumbs up Nanami!



One Response to “nice surprise from Nanami Suisan”

  1. mien said

    Oh wow! Such service is rare…

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