Collection Cage Dorée de Chanel Christmas 2009

2009 November 3, Tuesday

This collection was inspired by a little golden cage which is amongst Mademoiselle Coco‘s personal objects left behind in her apartment in Rue Cambon.  An exquisite miniature set with turquoise and emerald stones holding two birdies with teardrop shaped pearls as bodies.

I’d like to think that this collection is very suitable for Xmas in tropical South-East Asia.  The eye colours are somewhat more exotic than Xmas-y.  Pretty unusual, no?  As long as they make you look good, who cares.

Les 4 Ombres comes in an exotic mix of turquoise, coppery, yellow and light khaki tones.  Create more intensity with La Ligne.  An eyeliner compact that that comes in a mat and satiny combination of a dark, Celadon green, which can be used wet, for more intensity, and dry, for a softer effect.

Lips shine in 4 Aqualumière lipstick shades :  Grenada, a light fruity red, Tasmania, a rosy peach, Gapalagos, a soft pink, and Maldives, a coral.

A complementary nice, warm all over glow is easily achieved with Les Tissages.  A compact of soft warm gold tones in Chanel’s famous tweed style.

And nail colour in this collection is in a soft shade of champagne toned shimmer.  Probably so as not to steal the show from the eyes.


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