Thais going green

2009 October 4, Sunday

I was in Bangkok recently and noticed that the Thais have started the green movement.  Or at least, it has become more apparent of late.  I noticed that more people are using their own shopping bags and check-out staff will put on a big smile when they saw that I brought my own bag.

However, at the Oriental Hotel I stayed in, there were no signs asking guests if they wanted their bed linen and towels replaced or not.  So I decided to write my own note.  I even asked the butler if the chambermaids would be able to read in English.  They could was the answer.

So anyway, I saw a chambermaid along the corridor as I was going out and asked her not to replace my sheets and towels and her eyes lit up and said “environmental!” with a big grin.  And gave me the thumbs up.  I was delighted at her response of course.

The Oriental Hotel in Bangkok has remarkable service no doubt.  And even the chambermaids spoke good English.  But I just wished that they’d be a little more green.  🙂


2 Responses to “Thais going green”

  1. Priscilla said

    thumbs up for being environmental!
    if only people here are more environmental and major stores should cut down on the usage of plastic bags just like what Europeans did. that would be fantastic!

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