tissue paper

2009 September 16, Wednesday

It’s been a long time since I last posted a green note.  And this one will talk about how people use tissue paper.

I know tissue paper is cheap and easily available.  But that’s besides the point.  I see people wasting it like nobody’s business.  Some will take a few pieces just to wipe off food stains off their mouths and chuck it away.  Is your mouth really that big?  Wouldn’t just one be more than enough?  My best friend and I will  separate two-ply tissues and use one each for our mouths after meals.  😉

Also I found out from conversation some of my friends would use up so much toilet paper when they “pee and poo”.  They’ll roll up a pile for each wipe and repeat.  Yeah, I know poo is disgusting and most of us, if not all, wouldn’t wanna have direct contact with it.  But hey, it’s actually from the food we ate that comes out of our own bodies.  And then when they have sex and stick their fingers and tongues here and there, it suddenly becomes all fine!   WTH???  What do you think?  Come on!  Surely you don’t need that much paper…  Think of the work and energy needed to produce them.

That’s why for work, I’ve been using these half sized tissue papers by Kimberly-Clarke and it works out so much better for both the wallet and the environment.  🙂

Kimberly-Clarke Pop-Up Tissue

Kimberly-Clarke Pop-Up Tissue


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