Chanel fall 2009 – COLLECTION VENISE

2009 August 2, Sunday

Starring the sexy Isabeli Fontana in a chic, short crop, is Chanel‘s fall 2009 makeup collection, Collection Venise.

Mademoiselle Chanel loved Venezia!  She fell in love with it the very first time she set foot there.  This city built above waters gave her inspirations that expanded her creativity.

Peter Philips created this collection based on the colours found in and around Venice.  Baroque shades to signify the colours found at the soirées and outfits donned by the attendees and the aquatic shades from the waters around this city.


2 Responses to “Chanel fall 2009 – COLLECTION VENISE”

  1. sarasah said

    Sarasahhh… You gotta teach me to do those eyes!
    Doncha think that Chanel packaging – no matter how BS the colours are — just makes you wanna play with the make up???

  2. Keith Png said

    Dear Sarasah,

    You can attend Hide & Seek’s make up workshop to learn more and play with your eyes, hahaha…:)

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