Cienfuegos and Playa del Este

2009 July 30, Thursday

Here’s my final two instalments to my Cuban vacation.

On our way to Playa del Este, we decided to drive into Cienfuegos to check it out.  Cienfuegos, like Singapore, was founded in 1819.  It is a small maritime city with somewhat more modern architecture as compared to Havana and Trinidad.  We had lunch by the sea and continued our drive towards Playa del Este.

Playa del Este is like a 20 minute drive east of Havana.  It consists of a few beaches.  Santa Maria beach, Bucuranao and Playa Guanabo.  It is where people from Havana go to for a short break.  There are a few resorts there and many casa particulares of course.  Now don’t expect a Banyan Tree or Four Seasons there.  The resorts are very laid back and offer the basics of a hotel room and that’s about it.  No room service or cable TV etc.

It had the most amazing beach!  I know Maldives and Mauritius boast like the world’s clearest of sea water.  But Cuba is just as clear!  And it is calmer than the former two.  There was only occasional gentle waves so it made swimming in the clear blue sea a very inviting thought.  But if you’d like to surf, then I’m sorry…

It was a real treat to us after being on the road for so long.  We settled into a 2 storey bungalow and went for dinner.  The next day, we spent like the whole day on the beach skipping lunch and just soaked up the sun.  BLISS!  In the evening, we had cocktails by the beach and watched the sun go down.  🙂


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