“YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD TOO” with Kiehl’s 2009

2009 July 22, Wednesday

Come 6th August 2009, at 3:54PM, I will join 9 celebrities, at the grand opening of Kiehl’s newest store in ION Orchard B3-54 (notice the match of the unit number and the event time? hee).  We are going to be there for a very important reason besides celebrating the store’s opening.  We are there to promote “green-ness” and to spread awareness!  As a green person, I was very happy and honoured to be involved in it and really want to thank Michelle Chew and the people at Kiehl’s for having me in mind.  🙂

The 9 of them are, in alphabetical order to their last names, Nadya Hutagalung, Denise Keller, Hossan Leong, JJ Lin, Eunice Olsen, Mindee Ong, Utt, Wong Li Lin and Allan Wu.

Last year, funds were raised through the sales of environment friendly shopping bags (which I’ve been using regularly).  This year, it will be eye-catching tees that would help raise funds.  Each of us will have our own tee with our slogons printed on it.  And 100% of the nett proceeds from the sales of the tees will go to Singapore Environment Council.

I hope the turn out will be great and we will be able to raise a lot of funds for the causes and concerns looked after by the council.  If you can’t make it on the day itself, you can always pop by anytime to help raise funds.  PLEASE PLEASE SUPPORT……   🙂


10 Responses to ““YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD TOO” with Kiehl’s 2009”

  1. Kris said

    Hi Clarence,

    I am just wonderinf if you provide personal makeup lessons and what are the charges like?


  2. jhhs said

    hi there! any idea what time this event will start? i’d like to go down to support 🙂

  3. Jolene said

    Hey fwen,

    Good luck =)

  4. anan said

    may i know what time the event end? when we buy the t-shirt the celebrities will sign on it ?

  5. anan said

    ok thanks 🙂

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